#AMReviews: "Back Like I Never Left" by Marku$

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

After two years of absence, Marku$ returns from the dead and releases a complete compilation titled Back Like I Never Left, an 8-track project infused with production by popular names like Zapp, Bravestarr and LexiBanks. Marku$’ artistry gleams through this project by holding only one feature, allowing him to completely uncover all hidden elements and express himself unapologetically.

We are allowed to see the world through Marku$’ eyes as he tells his story with drug-influenced lyricism, dark production, loss, depression, and references of suicidal thoughts. We are presented with a vulnerable and emotional outlook on the artist’s life, giving us access to be able to connect with him on a level of pure transparency.

Back Like I Never Left is a project of emotional beauty and honesty. As a solid project after a two year hiatus, this definitely projects the artist’s creativity and passion through effortless delivery. With influences of raw edginess and production that allows the project to come alive, I recommend this project to those with a patient listening ear.

Tracks like “Cigarettes”, “Nobody Knows” and “5D” are star tracks in this compilation with high replay value for me. Marku$ is definitely an artist whose silence should be respected, for when he finally returns, he will be heard by all.

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