#AMReviews: DJ Khaled's Exhaustively Uninteresting "Father of Asahd" Album

Coming off of a great influx of success in 2016 with his hit album, Major Key, and two albums later, Father of Asahd is sonically the most generic music album released all year, with many not being able to take much from it. The album contains fifteen tracks with featured verses and hooks from the likes of Cardi B, 21 Savage, Big Sean, who doesn't disappoint at all; excited to hear new music from him, Lil' Wayne, Chris Brown, SZA, Meek Mill, and many more standout artists.

Unfortunately, save for Sean, Meek, and Nipsey (R.I.P.), the majority of this album lacks in overall replay value, original or creative content, and engaging tracks. Songs like "Jealous" are barely carried barely by Big Sean's flows and clever bars, and mostly everything else falls short by long shots. The track "Just Us" with SZA could've been great. It really could have, except for the fact that the instrumental was left exactly the same as Outkast's hit "Ms. Jackson". There isn't a single change in the beat; not the tempo, not the drums, not even the pitch of the melody. They simply added SZA's vocals to what might as well have been a remake from YouTube.

Among the very few decent tracks on the album, there's "Thank You", with Big Sean, that hits home in personal ways, reflecting on his blessings and the importance of staying thankful, and "Higher" with Nipsey Hussle, which may bring tears and or a heavy heart with every listen. The beat is soulfully generic as well, but Nipsey's delivery and lyrics make it bearable while John Legend connects breaks in between his verses.

This album was put together with seemingly bare minimum effort and care, completely lacking in replay value. It can't even be placed in the best albums of the year conversation comfortably and it's a shame how uninteresting this album truly is. It’s really disappointing because we all know what DJ Khaled is capable of and what he has created in the past. He is known as a hitmaker, but he lost his creative flow to focus on numbers. He’s a clown now.

If you have listened to it, how do you feel about Father of Asahd, and do you believe that DJ Khaled has ruined his legacy with his recent antics?

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