#AMReviews: “Floor Seats” by A$AP Ferg

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

A$AP Ferg has always been known for his outlandish style and execution through his music. Arguably, he has that strong appeal that Busta Rhymes introduced into the game in his prime— loud, raw, uncut, and insane.

Ferg placed heavy NY influence within this album, creating a time capsule between now and the 90s underground hip hop era. Heavy bass, sonically enhanced atmosphere, tastefully disrespectful lyricism, and fast-paced delivery. It opens with “Floor Seats” and “Jet Lag”, both dark hard-hitting tracks boasting about his high fashion and wealthy presentation, including his incredible knowledge about huge names in the fashion and art industry through his metaphors.

“Wam” (ft. MadeinTYO), “Wigs” (ft. Asian Doll), and “Butt Naked” (ft. Rico Nasty) is the section of the album where the production value is absolutely nuts with “strip-club music” material. Asian & Rico have been killing it in their stardom and they are capable of complimenting any sound or style while simultaneously keeping their individuality. Producer Tweek Tune went so crazy on the beat for “Wam”, making it one of my favorite tracks on the album.

Rocky and Ferg are inseparable— that’s proven in “Pups”. Frankie P went crazy on the keys and the tag team lyricism between the two brothers with kinetic delivery makes this track stand out as one of a kind. According to Genius, the chorus is an interpolation of DMX’s hit record "Get At Me, Dog" from his critically acclaimed debut album “It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot”. “Hummer Limo” was produced by the GOAT Timbaland. Enough said about that, right?

“Ride” (ft. Ty Dolla $ign) put a shift into the album placing a more romantic and smooth ending to it. This isn’t my favorite track, but a Dolla $ign feature is always appreciated. The closing track is what I really want to talk about— “Dreams, Fairytales, Fantasies” with Brent Faiyaz and Salaam Remi. It’s a super 90s R&B & Hip Hop influenced track. You ever experienced crazy sex from someone who almost seemed unreal? The sex was so good that you were willing to risk everything just to be with this person? That’s the basis of this song. If you hear a heavy “Biggie” influence, then you will be referring to the sample of “Sky’s The Limit” by The Notorious B.I.G. featuring the prominent 90s R&B group 112. This track was beautifully crafted capturing the imagery of love-making in New York City heights.

In summary, A$AP Ferg did an amazing job capturing raw New York influence, past, present, and future, within thirty minutes of playtime. This was a solid album from Ferg, and he is one of my favorites out of A$AP Mob for his crazy delivery and flashy presence. I’ll be keeping this album in rotation and will be looking forward to more things from him.

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