#AMReviews: Future Cries For Love & Help From All in His EP "Save Me"

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

On Future's latest release, his pleads for help are evident throughout each of the seven songs on it, with many comparing the project to the Hendrix album's evident hurt.

The opener, "XanaX Damage", covers seemingly "withdrawal" emotions, layered over the somber instrumental. Moving onto "St. Lucia" and "Please Tell Me", Future embraces a more boastful self, bragging about his locations and topics previously covered at large in his music. At the midway point of the album, Future uses "Shotgun" to launch himself back into an emotionally vulnerable tangent. "Government Official" is sure to be the undeniable hit from this EP, flowing effortlessly on the hard-hitting, bass-filled beat. In the final two tracks, "Extra" and the heart-wrenching track, "Love Thy Enemies", we find Future at his lowest point, echoing from his soul for the love that has left his possession.

With his already second release of the year, "SAVE ME" has a song for everyone who listens and is sure to be his highlighted work of the year.

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