#AMReviews: “Happy Birthday Lakewude” by Lakewude.

Lakewude gives a grand presentation with voice animation, coarse lyricism, and emotional honesty in his mini-album, “Happy Birthday Lakewude”. His elements of creative self-expression & aggression are uncanny and give this body of work character, forcing Lakewude to stand out amongst a plethora of underground rap artists.

The album is centered around the artist’s special day. Throughout this special event, he is encountered with strong emotions of depression, rage, grief, and social anxiety. The album begins with a heart-warming message from “Shianne”, giving him sweet words of encouragement & growth. Immediately, it transfers to his most popular single “Doug Dimmadome”, which is a hilariously (and satirical) crude song with ‘misogynistic’ influence. This is probably the most insane track on the album next to “If The Reaper Come$ Knockin’”, which introduces a more melancholy section of the project along with the songs “Overthinking” and “New Friend$”.

As much as this album is filled with chaotic energy, it is also a very reflective body of work. Lakewude is a self-aware artist. “Neptune” presents this fact strongly, as it reflects the obstacles and levels of development Lakewude is faced with to become the person & artist that he is today. It closes with “Happy Birthday Lakewude”, filled with birthday wishes from close ones and a defining message as to who he is and what he will be forever remembered as.

Conclusively, Lakewude is a prodigy. He is so young in his path and has already surpassed many as he’s presented complexity within his work. With years ahead of him for development in his artistry, Lakewude is and will be one of the greatest in his league. This album fed me with creatively insane lyricism and abstract delivery. I am satisfied and can’t wait to hear more from him.

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