#AMreviews: "Heartbreak Half" by DaKiddHalf & Watson

An amazing artist and friend of mine named YANA. suggested this unfamiliar artist who had recently released an album and she wanted me to check it out. Being that I haven’t reviewed an album in months and I am deprived of new music, I decided to listen.

Heartbreak Half by Da Kidd Half is an exceptionally created project. From the production to the overall subject matter. I want to give big props to Daniel Watson for being able to capture emotion through sound so effortlessly. Da Kidd Half has a smooth melodic voice that can make you make love to a trap song. Such a diverse sound and vibe.

The album discusses the rocky love life of a young player in his prime. If she can play, I can play harder, and that’s just how the game goes. The party life and these flashing lights may be fun, but it ain’t always easy. The features on this album are very light but very complimentary to the sound, which is something I always appreciate in an album. Da Kidd’s voice was able to completely thrive throughout this entire project without any choppy beats or overpowering features. A smooth piece to relate to and fall in love with.

My favorite tracks are “Accident”, “Playa Baby”, “Look What You Made Me”, and “Wessuh”. I love how the first and last tracks are completely opposite moods from one another. “Look What You Made Me” is him looking at the changes he’s gone through after the heartbreak from a lost love, while “It’s Not You, It’s Me” is him accepting his changes and faults and learning to grow from them instead of allowing them to cripple him. You can hear a dynamic change from the beginning of the album to the end, which is something that I think artists should implement more into their work.

Heartbreak Half contains a story line that all can relate to and can learn from, and I appreciate how this message was not forced into the music. One can always tell when someone is trying to say something, but this piece rather shows it. A key to being a universal artist. Da Kidd Half just earned himself a new fan. I am completely in love with him, and he just has to deal with that.

Stream this album below and check it out for yourself via Soundcloud. If you love it, it is also available via Apple Music and Spotify.