#AMReviews: “IMT4U” EP by Jonny Jukebox

Jonny Jukebox has really done it again. I love how he’s so consistent with his sound, quality, and production. Everything that he has created has been true, vulnerable, and pure. I want to acknowledge the growth of his voice projection— he is much more open and alive in his music by encouraging himself to do more adlibs & allowing his voice to be felt more than heard.

All songs on this EP were free-styled, but they were so carefully prepared and tastefully ordered that you would have believed that everything was calculated specifically word for word. That is how effortless Jonny is in his creative process.

This EP gives you the vibes of fun summer days and adventurous summer nights. It discusses spending each moment with the one you’re so in love with, acknowledging her charisma, beauty, moves, and presence.

Jonny’s personality splits into many diverse areas in these songs, from the cuddly adorable sweetheart in “Hello, Hi” to the erotic and naughty playboy in “Go Baby Go.” The production is so atmospheric and infectious allowing your mind and body to feel every word being spoken, generating different feelings of pleasure.

This was released before his official album “It’s Still Beautiful”. If the EP sounds this good, I have no idea what I am preparing myself for. Jonny never ceases to amaze me. I am so proud of him and his growth. He was so shy and timid when I was first introduced to him, and to see him blossom so much in his artistry makes me so happy. I can’t wait to play this in my car. It deserves to be heard!

Favorite tracks: “Hello, Hi”, “Go Baby Go”, “K.C.”, “Infinity”.

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