#AMReviews: "Off The Radar" by Destiny Briona

Destiny Briona goes "Off The Radar" in her new debut album.

Destiny Briona allows her emotional unavailability and frustrations to bleed through all seven tracks, collaborating with two dynamic artists and incorporating writing collaborations with GoTo and Lone London, who is also featured through voicemails playing as Destiny’s old lover and guilty pleasure.

She opens the album with “Sabotage”, a message to her lover explaining how she doesn’t want to allow herself to completely drown within her deep feelings of emotional connection. She’s never truly felt loved unconditionally, and with that, she doesn’t want to deliberately destroy herself, him, or what they have created with one another. It then transitions to “Individuals”, a slow and sultry piece explaining the afterthoughts of an unfortunate separation. The two of them are apart, but she notifies him that there is always a home within her for him to stay. After the mourning and grieving her loss, she bosses up and switches the tempo with “Unconcerned”, featuring a hard-hitting verse from Soufside Cheeky, relaying a message to him that she will no longer play by his rules and wait for him to make up his mind, but instead she is moving on to better things, ending with a very bitter voicemail message from her ex, voiced by Lone London.

“Apostrophe” is the midpoint of the album, and she’s feeling regretful and apologetic. She feels alone and needs connection and emotional comfort from the one person that knows her best— her ex. Shifting the sound waves, Briona follows with “Self Destruct”, dismissing the thought of him from her mind and only reminiscing him when she’s under the influence. She also reminds him that by playing games, he missed out on a good thing. “VI” is more of a self-reflective track, acknowledging how she allowed herself to devalue her worth for someone who never fully reciprocated that effort back. She realized her wrongs and forgave the situation in full. It ends with a phone call between her and her ex, this time with him pleading her to come back home to him. The rest is for her to decide.

It closes with “Feel Sumn”, an island-influenced rhythmic track with a soothing verse from The Letter M. This song is based on a one night stand between two lovers. It explains the moment where two people set the games aside, and express to one another how they truly feel– uncensored and uncut.

Destiny Briona’s emotional vulnerability, sex appeal, and love language all radiate throughout this entire album. Her confidence shines through within the projection of her voice and character, and the production, thanks to WAV, is phenomenal. I am so proud of her and the creation of this album. I strongly recommend everyone to listen to this in full.

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