#AMReviews: "Part Time Rapper" by RapGameWill

RapGameWill is putting in overtime in his newest tape, "Part Time Rapper".

Sitting in your emotionally draining nine to five surrounded by zombies with no true sense of themselves can allow you to drown and wallow in a dark abyss. Allowing others to project their negative preconceived notions onto your dreams of achievement is detrimental to your success. RapGameWill and many others realized this and have decided to separate themselves.

“Part Time Rapper” is a tape consisting of ten songs featuring prominent Savannah artists who recognize the discrimination and degradation of a corporate system and have plans to prove that they are greater than what people have recognized them to be. It begins with “Green Eye”. It starts with a call to the boss man saying that he is not going to be able to make it in, followed by the chorus, “I got what I got. It’s not a lot, but / they want what I got, and he want what / they got, and she want what they want.” If you listen closely, this song lays out the hypocrisy and neglect within the corporate and education system which has influenced these negative traits within all of us to this very moment, and how it’s brutally affect young black individuals. It is also why many of us are so rooted in jealousy when we don’t realize that we all have a chance in success— hence the title of the song, “Green Eye”. It also ends with a special appearance from Pote Baby, leaving a hilarious voicemail message to his job, explaining how everyone there will remain the same and he is much greater than what they are settling for.

“Cash$$$Hoes” gives you an early 2000s feel, switching up the feel of the atmosphere completely. It explains the notion of getting it how you live and making the necessary sacrifices to achieve higher greatness. It explains the dreams of living in the fast life and having everything you could ask for in the palm of your hands.

Switching to a sultry 70s atmospheric aura, “Good Vibe” cancels out all negativity and anything that can deter Will from feeling good. It’s an anthem for those who are just trying to have a good time and feel good in the midst of all of the insanity that is around them, whether it’s your job, your people, or even yourself. “Confusion”, featuring a high energy verse from Timothy Nasir, paints a picture of what other people are worried about vs. what Will & Tim got goin’ on. The chorus of the song is definitely one of the smoothest on this project making it one of my favorite tracks.

“Dis Ain’t 4 No Billy” introduces the midpoint of the project, a short interlude track strictly for the young black kids who have been steered into the wrong direction due to discrimination, miseducation, and a broken family system. A lot of people try to appropriate the rough lifestyle that these young children suffer through daily without trying to shift them onto a better path, and this song pays homage to those young boys. “ViceLand” shifts to a late 80s early 90s hip hop feel, feeling the strong urge of nostalgia and wanting a change in his current lifestyle. The urge of wanting something new is unbearable and enough to strike a change in anyone’s mind. My personal favorite, “It’s Nothing”, featuring a smooth verse from J-Note, is all about focus. Focus on your reciprocated love, money, goals, and accomplishments— past, present, and future.

“Why U Had 2 Lie?” addresses fake love and fake friends. It turns out the people who said they would ride for Will flaked on him and left him to fight battles alone, not realizing that each person that left would only make him stronger. “Its a Cypher on da Eastside!” is one of the hardest tracks on this projects, exploiting the lyrical gift of each of the artists featured on it (Xzyire, Timothy Nasir). This track alone proves that artists from the Pote are the underdogs in the underground rap scene, expressing hunger and aggression in their delivery & presentation.

It finishes with “Part Time Rapper”, featuring a sharp verse from Ishmael Nehemiah. This track is insanely laced with clever punchlines and insane wordplay for those who are in love with substance and rawness. Another one of my favorites from the album that can only be truly appreciated if heard from start to finish.

RapGameWill progresses with every single tape that he releases and he consistently delivers throughout everything he produces. His intelligence and beautiful story-telling capabilities prove that he pushes his pen significantly harder than most upcoming rap artists and with greater notoriety, he can influence generations that come before and after him. This project was incredibly written with a concise theme and amazing messages throughout all ten tracks. Quality production and carefully placed features enhanced this project’s presentation.

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