#AMReviews: "Season II Idle Mind" by RapGameWill

RapGameWill is the twenty-year-old underground rap artist from Bainbridge, GA. His lyrics focus on realism and demonstrates the precious art of storytelling from the point of view of young man battling the demons of the world, and the only weapon he possesses is his words.

If an artist can effortlessly demonstrate the art of storytelling while remaining consistent with his message and theme throughout his body of work, he instantly has my total love and respect. RapGameWill does just that and it shows beautifully in the tracks "Smoke out da Room", "Fake Chain", and "Safe & Sound". These tracks vividly paint a picture for the listener to visualize while listening to the album. It was almost like watching a movie or allowing yourself to travel through time to experience these exact moments. You don't find too many artists who know how to portray a message within their music.

RapGameWill shows off his lyrical ability in the tracks "50 Nigga Salute" featuring Timothy Nasir and "Niggaz Don't Rap No More". “50” tells the story of the corruption of the world from our roots to the youth from the topics of slavery, systematic oppression, corruption of religion and the church, false prophets, and even corruption of man. The hardships of the black young community having to figure out how to grow up in a world that was created specifically to oppress them is challenging and conflicting, and Will & Nasir explain their experiences. “NDRNM” shares a story of the urge to want to share your truth and relay a message to someone who may understand, only to have it be denied by many who would rather not hear the truth to begin with. As disheartening and frustrating as this is, it has happened for so many years.

The production of this album is nostalgic and down to earth, bringing you a sense of "home" through every track. It almost feels like a "coming of age" story, bringing you through the stories of love, family, hardship, conflict, and growth. RapGameWill allows himself to be more vulnerable in this album, allowing you to see him mature into the man you see him as now.

"Season II Idle Mind" is one of the best projects I have heard this year. It was carefully crafted and beautifully executed. I highly recommend this album to be played and enjoyed.

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