#AMReviews: "Tomorrow!" by marsofyouth

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

"Tomorrow!" by marsofyouth released April 1, 2018 as the artist's debut album, including features from fellow artists like Ahjee Parker and Skitso Bankz with production from various engineers. The atmosphere of the project has an astronomical appeal, almost taking you through a journey into the future, without being heavily drowned with unnatural sound effects or adlibs. It is pure, authentic, and original to the sound of the artist. The album incorporates the genres of Alternative R&B, Rap, and Trap to highlight its individualistic character.

I would never take the time to write about an album that didn't have some type of emotional affect on me. "Tomorrow!" is an album that made me feel love again, along with reminding me what it means to live in the moment of now, and to know what it feels like to move, think, and react when you are alone. The album brought a euphoric and positive feeling with the attempt to open the mind of the individual. The two excerpts within the soundtrack discuss the concepts of Time and Right vs. Wrong. I'm not going to spoil too much of the album, and it's not something meant to completely change your life or your way of thinking, but it is something to be aware of. Life will continue to move on, just be sure you don't allow outside conflicts to affect you and your 'now'.

I love how free this album is and how marsofyouth effortlessly expresses his emotions, whether it was sadness, love, pain, or happiness. Not too many underground projects out there allow you to feel what the artist is feeling, for his voice is often drowned with artificial personality and harsh autotune. marsofyouth is different, and I appreciate different so much.

"My Ferragamo Problems" ft. Ahjee Parker was guaranteed a hit before the album was even released. I personally want this song to have a visual. It's such a lively banger that allows you to feel every single bit of the song in its fullest potential. It allows you to feel its emotion in its very moment. Isn't it amazing how music can transcend time?

My other favorite tracks on this album is "Ballin'" ft. Skitso Bankz, "girls in atl.", and "Right!" I can listen to it all the way through without skipping anything. The album collectively is so smooth and rich. I hope everyone catches on to this soon. It deserves so much love and recognition. For those of you wondering the inspiration behind the title and how does it portray messages of time and life here is a brief statement from the artist himself:

"["Tomorrow!" is] A mythical period in time in which everyone knows about, but has no memory of. Some people say that it's the day after today and that tomorrow will be here at midnight, but if you actually wait until midnight, it is today again. Tomorrow is never promised!"

RATING— 9.3 / 10: Ability to appeal to emotions and portray to message in attempt to open the mind. Consisting a sound from various genres and allowing them to consistently flow and work together. Shows individualism and artistic character through every song. Stream "Tomorrow!" by marsofyouth right now via Soundcloud!