#AMReviews: YG is Ready to Get "4REAL 4REAL" With His Latest Studio Album

In dedication to his love and respect for the late Nipsey Hussle, YG's new album takes on and embraces his West Coast heart and explores into who the "young gangsta" is through several impactful tracks, beats, and lines that are sure to stick.

"Hard Bottoms & White Socks", the cool, mellow intro track is matched with YG's simple but attention grabbing flow. YG's live performance for Genius is definitely one for the books. He quickly follows with the trap-filled bangers "Bottle Service" and "In The Dark", which is accompanied with interestingly engaging visuals, over DJ Mustard's Midas touch for beats and sounds. "Go Loko" is a certified, multicultural hit that YG has served on a paper plate from the cookout this vibe was created at. With a smooth hook and verse from Tyga, a respectable YG verse, and the energetic shift with Jon Z, this track WILL be played summer long.

Next, the iconically debuted single "Stop Snitchin" is a track sure to separate the real from the fake and carries the energy to do so. The bonus track "Stop Snitchin (Remix)" with DaBaby is sure to grab your attention as well if you were a fan of the original single because it unfortunately doesn't add much to the overall point. The following track "I Was On The Block" featuring Valer and Boogie doesn't stand out as much as one expects, carrying a bare minimum beat and bare minimum lyrics, energy, or flow from any of the artists, despite Boogie's clever punches from time to time. "Keisha Had A Baby" is a slightly more engaging song, with beautiful vocals from Rose Gold that leads into another stand out track, "Heart 2 Heart", that features Meek Mill, Arin Ray, and Rose Gold.

YG further explores his trails of the heart in "Play Too Much", where he lays out a story of a woman who left him questioning her stance and desperate for answers with vocals from SAFE to assist. The following two tracks, "Do Not Disturb" and "Do Yo Dance", are aided by G-Eazy, Ty Dolla $ign, M.I.A., and both featuring Kamaiyah, whom YG's worked with on previous hits like "Why You Always Hatin". The next to last track, "Her Story", is a story displaying a woman's strength, journey, and struggles growing up carried into adult life, which is told by Day Sulan over a somber and minimal instrumental. His album's closer "My Last Words" is an excerpt from YG's speech at the memorial ceremony for the passing of Nipsey Hussle. His "brother from another color", as YG referred to him, a friend, a teacher, and a mentor to some extent, YG cements his love and respect on wax for the world to have and to ensure his legacy is written in the books with his newest album.

The album "4REAL 4REAL" is a solid place of common ground for new and old fans of YG. It's a major comeback from his previous release "Stay Dangerous". He enters the album strong and maintains that energy throughout majority of the album. Many of these songs will definitely be in my rotation for the following months.

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