Ahjee Parker Discusses The Release of His EP "I'm Loaded Up In Nu' York" & Appreciation of Art

Updated: Jan 5

Ahjee Parker is a self-named electrifying force of energy blasting through the soundwaves of Atlanta, GA. He is one of the OG gems of ARTLMUSIC and he continues to provide euphoric energies to listeners all over.

Ahjee is an artist who shown growth and diversity in his music career. I am one of the few who have gotten to witness this journey, and I wanted to help him share it with the world. Allow me to introduce this artist.

How long have you been doing music, and how has music influenced your life?

“I started writing raps in high school, ciphering at lunch tables with my friends and stuff like that,” Ahjee began, “but I really didn’t start regularly recording music until around 2015-2016, the summer before senior year. We would just do nothing but sleepover Creezed’s house and just record music at the SafeHouse— that’s what we called his crib— and that’s where pretty much all of us started finding our niches as artists or at least having an idea of the type of sound we were looking to procreate.”

Who or what inspires you? If you inspire yourself, explain why.

“I’m inspired by artists in general. I know it’s vague, but anyone with a willingness to create and make an idea that has been brewing within their frame of mind, then bringing it to life inspires me.” Ahjee continues to explain. “Whether you invent, design, architect, paint, write, sing, rap, make beats, all of that is inspiring to me. I’m inspired by the youth. Young creatives are who I surround myself with— my peers keep me motivated. There’s such a new millennial renaissance going on right now, not only in Atlanta but even internationally. Performing arts and the desire to listen and create new music is at an all-time high. Some artists that inspire me are FKA Twigs, Kanye West, M.I.A, Jean Michel Basquiat, Walt Disney, the two founders behind Phillipe Patek, Alexander McQueen, Virgil Abloh, MikeWill, Pharell, Pusha T, and Salvatore Ferragamo to name a few. Oh, and I really love Beyoncé. She’s been inspiring me lately for sure.”

What kinds of things do you consider when creating something new?

The sound.” I thought that was a beautiful and simple answer. “Whenever I’m writing and coming up with a flow of melody, I try to make it sound as innovative as possible. I’m all about transcending. Hip-Hop is in the best state that it’s ever been in economically, and with so many subgenres and a new generation of creatives with vivid imaginations desiring to be as creative with their words as possible, it can sometimes be a challenge trying to find that new flow, cadence, or record that’s true to you, but that still sounds new. I definitely take into consideration how my intended audience gravitates toward certain types of songs or sounds and I usually try to hone in on that. I’m all about new sounds and innovating the culture for sure, even if it just means trying a new flow or getting my engineer to mix my adlibs a certain type of way, it definitely takes a lot of paying attention to detail.”

Ahjee Parker recently released an EP titled “I’m Loaded Up In Nu' York!” that definitely demonstrates all that he explained above. Click on the image below to stream it and discover his sound.

Who is your team? Describe it for me: the love you have, the history you have created, etc.

SafeHouse Music Group. We all met in high school. One of my best friends starting getting into learning how to record audio on this makeshift laptop on FL Studio, or something like that. This was around 2015. All of us already used to listen to music constantly, write raps, rap to each other in the hallways and stuff like that.”

SAFEHOUSE includes other unique artists and creatives such as Noviiimber, ZAY DREAMER, MaliPutYouOn, Carlo Emoticon, JC Hardy, Levi Tha Gawd,