Cam The Artisan Speaks on the Meaning Behind His Latest Single "Swim" & His Upcoming EP

Updated: Jan 25

Cameron Bacon, under the alias “Cam The Artisan”, is a 19-year-old lyricist born and living in the heart of Atlanta, GA. Cam The Artisan had taken a hiatus away from the music scene for a little while, but now he is back and stronger than ever, releasing his new and upbeat single, “Swim”, hitting 1000 hits, cutting the throats of the ones whoever wanted to see him sink. You know some background history; let’s speak with him with a deeper approach…

Q: “It’s been so long since we’ve last heard from you. How have you been feeling since you’ve returned to the music scene?”

A: “Honestly, I’m excited. So much love and appreciation from people I’ve never met in my life. This is just the beginning, so I’m looking forward to it.”

Q: “That’s great. I’ve been admiring the positive feedback and changes that’s been happening upon the release of your new song, “Swim”. Do you mind explaining the meaning behind the song? Where did you get your inspiration?”

A: “The song in itself is a metaphor. If you refer back to the bridge of the song, the part that says, ‘Smiling in my face-- when I turn my back you going “overboard” with the disses / Now it’s time to swim.’ ‘Swim’ is used in a context of getting out of my face with the down-bringing and hate towards the style of music I like to listen to, because at the end of the day, Im’a keep being lyrical because that’s what I love doing and that’s how I differ from other “rappers”, period.”

Q: “That’s an uplifting message that I believe a lot of other unique artists can relate to and learn from. Your confidence is so much stronger and it has been showing through your music and your actions. Was this one of the factors you were concerned about during your break?

A: “Of course. I’m still working on it, but based on what’s going on as far as love from people and support, that’s always an extra boost for me.”

Q: Explain the meaning behind your rap alias, “Cam The Artisan”. How does this describe who you are?

A: Well, I love the art of hip-hop as well as the “arts” period. Music, video, fashion, painting-- I want to do all of that, but of course music is my passion. I want to be seen as more than just a rapper or an artist, but an Artisan (a person who makes and excels in art). Plus, I love being lyrical because that’s an art in itself.

Q: You’re such an artist, indeed, which reminds me of something. Your lyrical flow is definitely out of the ordinary. Your thought process is entirely on a different level. How long does it take you to script out your music? How do you come up with your metaphors?

A: I mean, a song that’s really heavy on my heart will take me a couple of months, to be honest. Planning for the flow, lyrics, style, etc. My metaphors just come to me, or I’ll cook one up depending on the song.

Q: I’m assuming late 2017 until we hear a legendary album from Cam The Artisan?

A: Hm, an album? I don’t know; hopefully. Depends on how well this EP goes for me.

Q: EP? Care to elaborate, or do you want to just keep this on the low? Keep the anticipation going?

A: All I can say is that it’s called “Art Samples”, and the promo video to go along with it is going to be dope.

Q: Nice, sounds like an amazing project as it is; the name has a creative twist to it. Who are some inspirations behind your creativity?

A: As far as maki