Joshua Crawley Stands Out Amongst Competing Creative Directors to Create Change

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Joshua Crawley, the creator of END THE TRENDS, has managed to curate one of the hottest underground brands out of the Atlanta fashion scene at just the tender age of 16. Among many other creators with bright ideas, Crawley not only creates dope tees for his supporters to wear and sport, but he also spreads a message for his youth admirers to create their own path and never become a follower to the basics of society. Stand your own ground and always remain original.

“I first started getting into clothes and fashion my freshman year of high school when I was like 14,” Joshua began to explain, “but I started making clothes my sophomore year at age 15. I’m 16 now. It’s not something that I always had an interest in— it just kind of hit me out of nowhere. I was one of those kids that had zero ideas about what they wanted to do in life or had a passion for. I started getting into clothes because I wanted to be the best dressed in school, but that turned into something way more, and I kind of fell in love with it.”

Joshua goes into detail about the meaning behind his brand and the motivation behind creating it.

“My brand is called END THE TRENDS and the idea behind it is to inspire people to stay true to themselves and to not follow trends. My journey of making clothes started when my mom refused to buy me new clothes. I had to get creative because I was tired of wearing the same fits. I had a Stüssy hoodie that was my go-to, and I had the idea to bleach it. I bleached and distressed it and went to school the next day and everyone asked where I got it and were shocked when I said I made it. I started doing that with more of my clothes, and one of my friends said that I should start a clothing brand. I started making shitty designs, and improved extremely fast, and started it two months later. One year and some change later, I’m still here.”

Joshua’s story allowed me to realize that time is such a precious element within us creators. How his natural gift gradually came to him and how it quickly developed when he really zoned in and focused on his craft is such a beautiful testimony. We as creators should learn how to take time within our control and create amazing things to be shared with the millions that are waiting for our voices.

Another thing that will go with time is the people with who we share it. As creators, it is important to share our time with those who are uplifting, motivating, and empowering. Share your time with people with who you can share your love and passion, and people who will reciprocate that same energy.

“My team motivates me every day seeing the work that they put out.” He continued. “I learn from them, and they learn from me. Also, seeing other people succeed, whether it’s in sports, art, or in any medium, inspires me. What inspires me to keep creating, though? I would say nothing but the fact that I want to keep improving and learning. I will never stop creating.”

Every man should leave a legacy behind, and whether that legacy is witnessed by one man or a thousand men, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the fact that you touched the life of another to continue to do the great things they were bound to do.

“The message I want to leave behind is to chase your dreams. Go against the grain. Find your purpose and let it kill you.” He stated. “My definition of beauty is intelligence and imperfection. There is beauty in the imperfect— like the process, and the blood, sweat, and tears I put into this shit is beautiful. Intelligence is also beautiful because not everyone has it.”

“I want to go down as a legend and I want my brand to live long after me.” Joshua continues. “I would like to think that I inspire people and bring out the best in them because that’s the goal.”

There’s always more to come. We never stop working, and we never stop growing. Our current position is never our permanent position. We keep pushing forward, making new mistakes, and learning new lessons.

In the future, you can expect END THE TRENDS SPORT. The concept behind that is to create visually appealing sportswear / multi-purpose wear that you can wear in any situation. On the field and off, in school, etc. No more changing out of your clean school outfit to wear that bland & boring Nike Dri-Fit to the gym. You can also expect to see my work with some new faces and photographers this summer. And a big shoutout to Pure Clothing Us My boy Malachi and I will be in the lab cooking up all summer. And for everything else, you’ll just have to wait and see.”


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