LukeTheSap Expresses The Notion of Being Creatively Lost in the Art of Fashion & Music

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

LukeTheSap is a musical artist and aspiring creative director from the heart of Atlanta, GA. A cool kid with a thousand thoughts in his head and a pocket full of hopes and dreams. His passion and creativity are admired by many and his soul-gripping discography shows us his intimacy to his artistry.

He recently released a three-track EP titled, “I live in my head a lot” taking a trip through his thoughts of suicide and solitude, exploring the elements of poetry, soul, and rock.

How long have you been doing fashion?

“I've been creating clothes since my sophomore year in high school roughly 4 years now.”

What inspired you to get into fashion?

“Nothing really inspired me clothing wise to get into clothes. He stated. “It was really my insecurities about how I look.”

What inspired you to get into fashion?

“I currently own and design two brands which are Lukas Liu and Playmate. Playmate was an ideal I started very young in hopes of giving Disney a run for their money. Lukas Liu came about due to me trying to test my creativity.”

How should your clients feel after you have given them your magic touch?

My clients should feel like, “Damn, how did he think of this?"

What inspires you to continue creating?

“I mean, other than the simple fact of creativity and innovation, my little sister keeps me going.

I never want her to know the meaning of a job.”

What message do you want to leave behind?

“Create and inspire.”

What makes you different from other brands?

“My life, the people around me, and my friends and family.”

What is your definition of beauty?

“Honestly, this is the hardest question you've asked, man. My answer is really my little sister, and what I mean by that is what my little sister means to me. What I feel like is everyone’s standard of beauty is like something indescribable.”

What do you want people to remember about you specifically?

“I want people to remember me for me. That includes my mistakes, problems,

and what I offered to the world.”

What makes you beautiful? Not just you physically, but you internally, spiritually, emotionally, etc?

“I honestly don't think nothing makes me beautiful. I'm just a lost soul.”

Luke is an amazing artist who allows his work to speak for himself, rather than let a thousand words flow from his tongue. Allow his message to thrive and support his vision.


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