Maruan Bachiri Discusses The Difference Between Italian Culture & American Culture in Fashion

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Maruan Bachiri is one of the most fly youth fashion advocates. From brands like FILA to one of the hottest independent fashion name brands, Kappa Official, Bachiri knows how to deliver style, edge, and consistency.

Residing in Italy, I’ve always noticed Maruan’s love for American culture, specifically in hip hop. I found it so interesting how he incorporated hip hop music with his daily fashion escapades. I wanted to know what made him love our culture, what attracted him towards fashion, and most importantly, what inspired him. I learned so much from him, and living on two different sides of the world made it that more interesting.

“Nothing really inspired me to get into fashion,” he explained to me. “I dress based on how I’m feeling. The way I dress is inspired by the 90s and the hip hop culture of now and the old school. Music and dress, to me, are the same thing.”

I found that statement so interesting, for hip hop has a huge influence on fashion culture. Along with our words, fashion was a visual representation of the messages we were trying to send. You can instantly figure out what kind of person an artist was or the opulence & authenticity of a group based on how they dressed. Many artists still exude this same message. Maruan has a few artists whose messages truly inspired him.

Michael Jackson is on the top of my list, then it’s Migos and Travis $cott. Actor Will Smith really inspired me in ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’.”

Maruan has so much respect and love for American culture, so I asked him, “Is American culture heavily influenced in Italy, or is it something you want to bring to their attention and hopefully unite?” He stated:

“I think American culture and Italian culture influence each other. Hip Hop mentions a lot of things like Gucci and Ferrari. Migos mentions Italy in their lyrics all the time. I really love the way American culture combines other cultures— it’s wonderful! Here in Italy, we don’t have ‘Chinatowns’ or ‘Mexican neighborhoods’. I really love how America has all these things.”

Maruan is more of a face of fashion culture. He combines looks of all different fashion names and presents them to the world in his own unique way, and he allows music to depict the mood of the look. This was such a unique idea, I wanted him to take it to the next level— I wanted him to create his own fashion movement.

“I have thought about it,” he began, “but before doing so, I want to make sure that I have success. I do not like to fail in life, so if I ever start something, I want to be sure of what I’m doing. I want to be straight up, worldwide, as the brand Palm Angels.”

Francesco Ragazzi is the designer of Palm Angels, the unisex clothing brand of edge, pop, and aesthetic freedom. It is a simple design, yet bold in image and presence. It has gained celebrity following and contribution from artists like Pharrell, A$AP Rocky, Playboi Carti, Kehlani, and Travis $cott.

“Of course, music would be the message behind the brand,” he continued. “and ‘follow your dreams’. Go in one way— straight up."

To successfully deliver a look is one thing, but it truly doesn’t mean anything if there isn’t any feeling behind it. We dress in what makes us feel good. We dress to increase our confidence. We dress because it’s fun and expressive.

“When I have completed an amazing look,” Maruan begins, “I feel good about myself. I really do believe that dress is not only for fashion. When I collaborated with Kappa Official, it was unbelievable! When I wore the yellow pants and the black and yellow tee, I was feeling something— like a fire inside of me. I felt motivated!”

Maruan has this transcendental perspective of fashion. I love how it’s not just cool clothes and outfits to him. It’s an art form in his eyes. His individualistic ideas and beliefs are what make him stand out in the culture of youth fashion. Fashion isn’t something you do, it’s something you are.

“When I was young, I dressed like everyone else, and I didn’t feel comfortable. I am someone who likes to be on his own path and be innovative. My advice to the readers: dress as you like and not to be fashionable or be accepted by others! Also, trust no one— everyone wants to down you, but they secretly just want to be you.”


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