Najee Stokes Discusses His Debut Tape & Introduces The Savannah Collective "NeWavEra"

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Najee Stokes is one of many artists from Savannah, GA that is destined to put his city on the map. With unique lyrical creativity and overall southern Savannah influence, Najee is loved by all and respected by many.

Along with his family, the underground crew NeWavEra and brothers like Pote Baby & Swank, Najee is shifting the artistic sound of what Georgia is “supposed” to sound like and presenting us with something new, fresh, and original. That’s what I love the most about Savannah artists. They do everything with honesty and love and don’t hesitate to put on who is doing the same in the game.

“I grew up in Savannah, GA, also home to a lot of other talented artists.” Najee began. “Even though I wasn’t on tracks or anything until I was 13, music has always played a bit of a role in my life, between me playing a couple of instruments in my childhood and my father being a DJ. I wouldn’t say I was a bad child, but I was always in some shit if that makes sense.”

Despite his consequential past, Najee managed to keep his head on straight and create great music. He never lost focus or ambition, and this is reflected through his 2017 debut tape, “What’s Done in the Dark”, compact with lyrical energy, honesty, youth, and realism. DJ Syon from Dirty Glove Bastard gave us an in-depth review of what exactly the project provides here.

I wanted to know what exactly motivated him to record music, and what keeps him level-headed through the process.

“Around the age of 13, me and a few friends recorded a track just on some playful shit and it eventually turned into a normal thing after a few sessions,” he explained. “We got better naturally through trial and error, and here we are now, still working and trying to improve.”

“A lot of people don’t know I’m a part of a collective called NeWavEra, which is basically my day ones. We go way back before this music thing was even a thought, so I guess you can say that’s who I do it for along with the people who support us. At the end of the day, I just want to showcase and perfect the talents I was given, but if I can make a living and help my folks out in the process, I’m definitely with that.”

The road of artistry is never an easy one or a straight path, and that’s why words of wisdom and encouragement are things so vital. These are words that he lives by:

“One saying I heard that still holds true to this day is, “Whatever energy you put into the world will come full circle. Never get too high or low on whether you’re “buzzing” or not. Just keep doing what you do and the results will come. If you only in it for some clout, you need a new hobby.”

“Just be you, fam. A lot of people don’t realize that just doing that alone automatically brings something to the table that no one else can.”

Najee understands exactly that. Originality automatically sets you apart from other artists. Following a trend will only allow you to become that trend, and soon die with it. When you make your own trends, you make your own rules. That’s what allows artists to stand the tests of time.

Stream Najee Stoke’s debut tape “What’s Done in the Dark” right now via Soundcloud.


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