Official Cash Introduces Himself to the Public Providing "Real Street Motivation"

Updated: Jan 5

Before we get into this interview, allow me to introduce my newest member in the AM family, Lucy’elle Milano, a fellow writer from the heart of Georgia. In the short amount of time of knowing her, she has presented transcending ideas and advancements for the growth and enhancement of ARTLMUSIC, and I couldn’t be happier to allow her to be a huge part of this journey.

She conducted an interview with a fellow underground artist on the rise of Official Cash. You know the writer, let’s get to know the artist…

L: “If you could describe yourself in a short report what would you say about the Official Cash?”

OC: “I would say I came a long way as a person and when I make it in the rap game I would make a huge impact because I am my own person due to my abstract lifestyle. I don't know anybody around me that had it like me.”

L: “Using 3 words, describe your music/your music style.”

OC: “Real street motivation, and that's period. And I say that because at the time of my life I'm in right now, this is the type of music that's in my life, and this how I'm living. (I'm a hustla).”

L: “What made you decide to do music? What is it about music that draws you in? Who do you do it for and how does it make you feel?”

OC: “I needed a purpose in life. My mama always told me, ‘You have to have a purpose in life. A person without purpose ain't gon’ be here for too long.’

Being able to put my energy into it and tell my story. To create a legacy. I feel like my story is a cheat code to life for others.

I do it for me, and I do it for my family. How it makes me feel? It doesn't really make me feel any type of way, but it makes life feel different. Like I stated before, I put my energy into this.. when you put your energy into something it makes your life somewhat different. I have a purpose.”

L: “What are your top goals, so far as perfecting your craft? Music-wise, with your sound?”

OC: ‘I want to get more of my city behind me. I want to perfect my craft and achieve my own entertainment level.”

L: “Who introduced you to music? Or did you just, find your way to it on your own?"

OC: “I did this on my own, most definitely. The city I come from isn't really big on music, the people. Ain’t nobody out here big poppin' on it, especially where I come from.”

L: “Where do you see yourself in about five years? Considering that you continue to pursue your music career?”

OC: “I'm probably gon' be on BET… MTV, straight up. Real talk. I told myself by 23 or 24, I should be poppin'.”

L: “Are there any musical influences in your life? Or anyone in general that just stuck out to you and you look up to?”

OC: “No. Well, Kevin Gates, but I don't really look up to anybody; I am my only influence. I put everything on myself, I look up to myself, I work for myself, I do this for myself. My ideas come from me, everything I want to do comes from me. There is nobody that does what they do in a way that makes me wanna be like them, or do anything like them.”