SHECALLMETAYY Is A Rockstar In The Making & Needs People To Match His Energy

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

SHECALLMETAYY, popularly known as Tajoine fromCanada, is an uprising vlogger, artist, and popular personality rising out of the Atlanta area, capturing lit moments from his wild and adventurous lifestyle. Surrounded by highly recognized faces, good friends, and good energy, Tajoine is always where the fun is, whether it's turning up with upcoming artists at local arenas or taking trips to chill and vibe with the coolest people on the planet. Take a deeper look into the mind of the creator himself while the cameras are off.

“When it comes to vlogging, I’m just super funny and [someone who] knows a lot of rappers that people know, and people never get a chance to see the real way they act. My vlog (Tajoine fromCanada) captures everything.” Tajoine explains. “Also, I just fuck with the limelight. No clout chasing shit, I just fuck with the vibe that the rappers and artists give off, so it gives the rappers a chance to basically express and be themselves.”

Tajoine also discusses the positive energy people surround him with. “I also love the audience that the rappers bring to me. They’re all so funny and supportive of what I tell them. They encourage me to do better with my videos, and they also help me improve with my real-life adventures off camera. I had stage fright really bad. Now I don’t because of them.”

Tajoine fromCanada is connected with many amazing upcoming artists with dynamic personalities and crazy lifestyles, but his vlog allows the artists to truly be themselves, and be comfortable and chill behind the lights and cameras.

He has even made some long terms friends. “When I met Duwap Kaine, he was cool as fuck and he made me feel like famous people are really not how the media portrays the rappers. Same with Lil Candy Paint but I’ve known him since middle school. That’s gang."

Did I mention that he knows Atlanta rapper and singer Kodie Shane? “Meeting Kodie Shane was just lit as fuck.” he said. “She’s funny and not stuck up at all— none of them act famous at all. They’re just cool as fuck and real-life people.”

Vloggers are mostly known for their interesting lifestyles, long-lasting connections, and new adventures that they attend on a daily basis. We don’t always receive a very personal take on the vloggers' life unless something hits the fan or they allow it to be shown on camera. Tajoine allowed me to pick his brain a little bit and ask him a few thought-provoking questions.

What do you want people to know about you? What do you want your impact to be?

“I’m just tryna make it, to be honest, and have fun in my life. FUCK COLLEGE! I want a lot of money so I can give back to people in the world. That can encourage people to take their own route and not fall into the traps in the world.”

What’s a motto that you live by?

“A motto, honestly, I’m a rockstar and I don’t rap or anything, so I honestly don’t give a fuck about shit, but I’m respectful. It’s got to be, ‘kill people with kindness.’”

If you could give someone advice, someone with low confidence, what would you say to them?

“Excuse my language, but honestly fuck everyone who looks down on you, but smile and laugh. Don’t ever let anyone know your feeling down or low at any given time— EVER. Just stunt on these folks and give ‘em hell.”

“People think I’m an asshole,” he continues, “but I’m really cool as fuck and I want a girlfriend (laughs). She gotta match my swag and style and all, honestly. That’s it.”


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