VonneAStar Shows Appreciation For His Family & Team & Discusses His Debut Album

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

VonneAStar is one of the livest and most dedicated artists rising out of eastside Atlanta. A man of family, loyalty, sacrifice, and persistence. VonneAStar is one of those underground energies that is so underappreciated— an artist who could truly spark a light in his hometown and beyond, but people just don’t recognize his greatness. ARTLMUSIC recognizes real, and realness deserves a platform.

How long have you been doing music?

“Since I was very little. I remember searching for the voice memo feature on my dad’s flip phone because I wanted to record my voice and record raps that I had thought of. I used to remix popular songs on my phone in 7th grade and post them to SoundCloud back when the app first opened. They’re still up there, but they’re not good. Even to this day, there are Facebook notes of when I and my friends used to send each other verses and create whole songs. I guess you can say as a kid I was always looking for an outlet.”

What / who inspires you? If you inspire yourself, explain why.

“My parents inspire me. They had me at 14 and 15 and to this day they haven't given up. With life as hard as theirs, I know I have no room to ever stop. A lot of things inspire me on a day to day basis; it's usually the most random things, but God speaks to you in many forms.”

What kinds of things do you consider when it comes to creating something new?

“I can't sound like the next guy. I believe everyone is different in some type of way, so I love to find new ways to do something different. I'm really specific, too. I don't want the beats I use to sound like anything you've ever heard. I don't want you to be able to guess what I'm going to say next. Each bar should be a surprise, from the verse to the adlib to the hook.”

Who is your team? Describe them for me, your history, your love, etc.

“It's really just family. Free the homies, #freebrando. I’m really thankful for anyone that supports me. I've learned that God gives you the tools you need, it's just the way you utilize your tools.

"8MILL" is my family / my brothers that’s been down since day one. Juddie, Bean, Bliff, Wayne, Davon, Chase, Kara, #freebrando. From all the shit we’ve been through, we’ve all stayed down.

STONE MOUNTAIN FAMILY — Another thing that inspires me is all of the artists who come from where I come from and manages to stay motivated through it all, like NedlogEra. They've been like big bros to me since high school. Anybody from the small town that knows me and supports me is family. The eastside is small— we all connected in a way. Shout out to the mound.”

What is the energy like in the studio?

“Most times, it's all-natural. If a new beat is being played, and I already got a blunt in my hand, I know what the song should sound like from first listen.”

What is your creative thought process?

“Innovate. ‘What can I do to make this be fye forever?’ That’s how I think. I want to make art that tells stories of everything that I'm made up of, and if I do that, then there’s an infinite amount of things to talk about.”

Who would you like to work with in the future?

“To be honest, my dream is a collab with Lil Wayne, but people on the rise that I really would like to work with is NOGUMHUNDO, Nai.Brxx, and T8W. I really would like to work with J.I.D & EarthGang. It's amazing what they are doing for the eastside.”

What is your favorite track that you’ve worked on?

TRY HARDER. #6 on "ATLEASTWETRY". Bars on bars on bars.

On March 8, 2017, VonneAStar released his debut body of work “ATLEASTWETRY”, an album capturing the love, sound, and rawness of eastside Atlanta. The 12-track compilation features family and friends from his hometown and brings an overwhelming feeling of strong dedication to the culture of where he’s from.

What do you want people to remember about VonneAStar?

“That I stayed down. If you know me, you know I go through bullshit 24/7, 365 days a year, but one day, I'll be a walking testimony to help people everywhere I go.”

What should we expect from you in the future?

“A whole lotta gang shit, way more music, merch.

Oh, and #B4THE🌍END.


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