Zaia Discusses The Depths of his Creative Process & The Upcoming Release Of New Music

Updated: Jan 5

Zaia is an eccentric soul artist with a sound deeply rooted in R&B and Rap. The 20-year-old artist watched his career completely evolve and transform before his eyes, and now he is blasting through mainstream platforms with hundreds of thousands of listeners behind his name.

He has told stories of love, growth, hardship, and spiritual elevation, from his first collection of work “Rolling Stones” to “While We Wait Vol. 1 & 2” and everything in between. Zaia broke through the airwaves of mainstream with his hit “Slow It Down”, reaching over 100K plays on Spotify. Now, he’s just allowing his career to unfold naturally, enjoying each day life gives to him and creating beautiful music.

How long have you been doing music?

“I’ve been doing music for about 2 years now, maybe 3.” Zaia began. “It started after I stopped playing basketball in high school because of some behavior issues, I guess. I met a couple of friends who were into it, so you know how impressionable you still are at that age, but yeah, I got into it, but I felt a connection to it more than I’ve felt with anything I’ve ever taken the time to get into. It just felt right to do. The control of it and the creativity and the infinite possibility to make anything just attracted me and I never looked back from there.”

What / who inspires you? If you inspire yourself, explain how.

“It’s not one thing that inspires me, really. The world inspires me. It’s like the weather— it’s always changing. New things are always happening, your mind and thoughts are always changing, you meet new people and lose old ones. Moments like those are what I look at in life and I think on and then the inspiration comes to me”

What kinds of things do you consider when creating something new?

“When I’m creating something new, the only things I really consider is how it sounds to me and how I’m executing the idea. I know originality is always a top answer to questions like these, but I believe that as long as you make the music for yourself and you make it quality, the originality will come as you start finding who you are. Because as soon as you start doing the music for others and making what you think people want to hear, you’ve lost.”

Who is your team? What is your history, your love, etc?

“My team is who make Isaiah Eastman ‘Zaia’. They make me look cool as fuck!” He exclaims. “I really love those guys because it takes a certain type of person to want to help make someone else’s dream a reality and want nothing in return. That’s the real definition of love. It consists of 4 people: KAI, who is my manager, Wolf, who is the videographer, Shane is my graphic designer, and Nick runs YouTube, Twitter, etc.

We all basically met while I was in high school basically through mutual friends except for Shane, who we met later down the line when we were out of high school.”

What is the energy in the studio like?

“The studio is always fun when we can get in it. It’s a place of comfort and creativity. We do everything from making bangers to watching anime, and it’s great. It’s a lot of laughs and jokes that get tossed up in the air and usually I’m at the end of them. Sometimes I will be collecting the laughs, but don’t get it mistaken, there’s a lot of play but it’s a lot of hard work. When it’s time to focus and lock in all the play goes out the window and it’s time to do what you came to do. Everyone there works extremely hard.”

What is your creative thought process?