Zay Dreamer Explains The Creative Process Behind "WAKEUPDREAMER" & Speaks On Upcoming Project

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

ZAY DREAMER, one of the most unique and creative artists I’ve worked with, has allowed me to converse with him on a more personal level to gain more experience with his music as well as his persona. DREAMER, 19 and from Atlanta, GA, previously released a very awakening and captivating project, “WAKEUPDREAMER”, featuring hits like, “WANNA KNOW” and “REGULAR”. Here, we are going to discuss on a deeper level the meaning behind everything that ZAY DREAMER has put forth for his listeners…

Q: “Tell me about ‘ZAY DREAMER’. What is the concept behind the name and what is the meaning behind the entire persona?”

A: “I was trying to think of a name one day and it kind of just came to me, I guess. Zay is already my nickname. ‘Dreamer’ really came from me sleeping a lot, and not to sound cliche, but I believe in making your dreams a reality. You can do what you want in life if you do what you need to do to make it happen, so it also came from that. Also, ‘ZAY DREAMER’ sounds like ‘daydreamer’, so it’s a play on words and it fits the whole ‘dream’ theme.”

Q: “That’s really creative. Your music really plays a big part in the theme of your persona. Your music is a mix of Alternative R&B and Alternative Trap. Is this your intended genre of music, or were you just going with the flow?

A: “I guess you could say that, and Nah, honestly I don’t think I have a genre. Genres are like boxes to me. I don’t want people to expect what type of music I’m going to do next because it’s probably not what they think it’ll be. I don’t really stick to one sound-- I can do anything.”

Q: “Expect the unexpected. I like that. You don’t really receive that frequently in the music industry, so we cherish the uniqueness better. Who are some unique artists that you look up to? Who inspires your sound?

A: “I don’t want to say, ‘look up to’, but PARTYNEXTDOOR. He writes, produces, and engineers his own music. That shit is dope to me. Travis Scott is dope, too. Drake-- his longevity in the game is crazy. I like Uzi, too, he’s cool. I’m inspired by everything. Whatever I’m listening to at the time inspires me. At the same time, I remain myself, though. I won’t run off with somebody’s whole style like some artists do out here.”

Q: “We really get to see your style through your previous project, “WAKEUPDREAMER”. How did this project come together?”

A: “I mean, I was dropping individual songs for a little bit on SoundCloud, and one day I felt like making a body of work. The idea behind the project was that the listeners are the dreamers and I’m trying to wake them up with my music. ‘WANNA KNOW’ got a lot of plays, but they’re not awake yet. I’m still heavily slept on.”

Q: “The entire time I thought you were telling yourself to wake up, but that makes so much more sense now that you’ve explained it. You really have this amazing way of getting your listeners involved in your music. From the lyrics to the production of the actual song.”

A: “That’s why I like interviews. I’m a real private person and to understand an artist and understand an artist’s music, you have to speak to them yourself, which is what you’re doing.”

Q: “You are one of the most individual artists that I know. You have your own unique style which singles you out from the rest. Enough of what I think, though. If you could describe yourself in five words, what would they be?”

A: “As a person?”

Q: “Yes, or it could be your music style, or you could incorporate both. Five words that describe ZAY DREAMER.”

A: “I’ll incorporate both. Creative, different, positive, thinker, introvert.

Q: “Nice, now that we have some feedback about you as an artist, let’s get to know the guy behind the music. What was life like before the music?”

A: “I’ve always been around music so I don’t know if you could say there was a time before music. I’d need a biography or something to cover my life, but I mean I moved around a lot, stayed in trouble. I had good grades, though. I don’t like talking too much about the past.”

Q: “That’s understandable, we can move on. You’re a pretty close member and friend to those of Safehouse Music Group. How are you involved in the group? Any close friendships/ relationships?”

A: “We all kind of do our own thing, to be honest. We’re friends, but I wouldn’t say I’m super close to anybody. I’ve been in college, though. I don’t get to see them like that. Shit sucks.”

Q: “That does kind of suck. I’m pretty sure things will get better once everyone has everything together. Speaking of putting things together, who or what inspires the lyrics to your songs?”

A: “Life. Life experiences…”

Q: “How much have you grown as a person since you started being involved with music? Did you become stronger? Saner?”

A: “Saner? Haha, Nah. Music helps me express myself. It’s therapeutic sometimes. I’m still trying to find myself. I’m progressing as a person, but I’m still finding myself.”

Q: “It’s good to know that you are still growing and progressing as an artist. I can’t wait to see the artist you truly grow to be. This brings me to the point that you will be releasing a new project soon. Explain the concept behind COLD HEART.”

A: “Basically, the idea behind the project is me noticing myself becoming a cold-hearted individual. Noticing a change in myself as a person. At the same time, parts of the old me are still there. I’d like to think the music reflects that.”

Q: “That sounds amazing and I honestly cannot wait for this to be brought out to the world. Do you have a time of release?”

A: “No, I don’t have a release date yet.”

Q: “Whenever you do finally release it, COLD HEART will definitely be a hardcore project. I feel it. A lot of the music you have out already has really been heard by thousands, but you’re still a growing artist. As your journey continues, what effect would you want your music to have on others? What change do you want for the music industry?”

A: “I want my music to inspire people. Inspire the underdogs and the people who get overlooked. Encourage people to be themselves. I also want them to relate to it and feel it.

I’d like to see a lot of change in the music industry. For the sake of wrapping up the interview, I’ll just say I want it to stop being a popularity contest. It’s not even about the music anymore. Your shit could be trash, but if people like you, you can be successful. It’s wack to me.”

With that being said, be on the lookout for ZAY DREAMER’s project, “COLD HEART”, and if your shit ain’t from the heart, keep that shit to yourself.


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