#ARTLTUESDAYS + Introducing A. Major

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

It is bizarre how strongly music can bring people together no matter the time, place, or distance. No matter where you are, where you come from, or what your circumstances are, music somehow finds a way to mend together differences between others. This kind of explains the story of how an artist who lives in The Bahamas was referred to a writer in South Carolina.

Meet the new upcoming R&B sensation, A. Major, a 21-year-old artist from the islands whose music is making its way across seas. An artist who projects passion, love, and emotion with combinations of Hip Hop, Rap, and Soul with a taste of Bahamian influence. I discovered this artist months back with a song titled “Your Body” featuring La’Nas, and I completely fell in love with his sound. A close friend recently sent the debut album The Weekend to me, and I was blown away by his growth and artistry. I had to get in contact with him.

After talking on a professional level, A. Major discussed his backstory and inspirations with me, and his story is quite inspiring…

“Music is my life, my everything, my deepest passion,” Major explained. “Since I could speak, growing up in the islands of The Bahamas, I was singing my heart out. My mother would make me sing every chance I got and encouraged me to learn instruments (piano and saxophone). I didn't completely value it until recently when I started to fall deeper in love with music.”

He elaborated on how he eased his way into the world of music on his own. “In my preteen years, I started to write my own songs. Although I wasn't nearly as good as I am now, I was always told that the potential was there. Now I see it paying off. In middle school, I joined a community choir of many genres where I was one of the lead male soloists. On my path to high school, I began to participate in national competitions where I would either place first or second. I never stopped writing.”

To every artist, there are minor setbacks, but in the end, they only made the artist stronger. “My life changed when I moved to another island other than the one I was born on. I started going through a lot of mishaps, trials, and tribulations, which gave me a lot more to write about. I was just singing casually around new friends when someone heard me and told me that I had a gift and eventually got me to record with them. From there, it was on. I started writing and recording more than I ever have in my life. Once again, I fell deeper in love. My writing, singing, and recording skills developed and I got some connections and eventually dropped my first mixtape entitled "DarkPool", encompassing significant situations and changes in my life.”

“I dropped out of the College of the Bahamas and started working as a bartender/waiter. I would sing to my guests every chance I got. Soon after this, one of my best friends, who was studying at Full Sail University at the time, encouraged me to apply. I took the opportunity and I was accepted along with some scholarships toward my tuition. So I was on my way to live a foreign life that I have never experienced before and from then, we had been working on my debut album entitled, "The Weekend". After a lot of hard work, effort, and even some disappointments, we finally released the album on the 19th of August, and here I am, days later to tell the story.”

A. Major’s debut album The Weekend is a beautiful R&B composition. The infinite feelings of passion and love radiate all throughout the project. There is a song for every emotion, yet no song clashes together. I truly recommend this album for Alternative R&B lovers.

Major has established a name for himself back at home, but he still wishes to reach a more mass audience. “All I ever wanted was some exposure and expansion. I’ve always believed that I was just one listen away from going big in the music industry.

Even after being pushed away and neglected, I still strive and carry on with what I really love because, at the end of the day, all I ever wanted to do was make music, and that's what I'm going to continue to do. All the way from "the islands"; Anthony Major-Smith; A. Major. This is all I want.”


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