#ARTLTUESDAYS + Introducing Fresco.

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

“Jack of all trades, master of none” is a phrase that I live by and that I project effortlessly, but fresco. is the epitome of this, for all his hard work and dedication to his craft and team, shows progression, talent, versatility, and strength.

fresco. is a 19-year-old artist from Phoenix, AZ. He represents his crews United Bboys and Products of Infamy and expands his artistic abilities from being an incredible MC to being a Bboy, producer, and DJ. We all know that he didn’t just become all these things out of nowhere. In his life, he’s had trials, inspirations, developments, and growth periods to allow him to become the great artist that he is today and that he will continue to be for years to come. I’m to have talked with him and really get to know the aspiring artist on a deeper level.

“My mom had me at a super young age.” fresco. began, “16 years old when she had me. She was pretty much my mom and dad. My pops left us when I was like 1 and she raised me all by herself till I was 10 years old. That's when she met my stepdad who called himself ‘Kloud9’. Kloud pretty much is the one who pretty much introduced me to hip hop. He was a Bboy (breakdancer) who came from Texas and repped the crew ‘United Bboys’. He taught me how to breakdance and from there on is where my journey began.”

fresco. also explained how he became involved in music and the people who inspired him to push forward and keep going.

“When I was 12, he (Kloud9) got me down with his crew ‘UNB’. At 14 or 15 is when I started getting into DJing which led me into wanting to become a producer at 16. That’s when I got down with my crew ‘Products of Infamy’ (who danced at the time and started getting into rapping). We all wanted to create music. I was one of the producers for my crew. Eventually, I got tired of just being the producer and wanted to start rapping. So, at 18 is when I started my mc career.”

fresco. dropped his first project "Jiyu Seikatsu (Living Free)" at the age of 18. It has a total of 56.5K views and over 1K likes. The project was an introduction for himself as an artist, and as we can see, his first step was a groundbreaking one.

He released his second tape, SIGNALS, at the age of 19. This is his most recent project about his conflicting thoughts, emotions, and dreams and how he has managed to conquer them all and the people around him. This project is currently available on all streaming services. His crew also dropped their first collaborative project titled HEAT.wav.

“It's honestly mind-blowing to see how far I've progressed in hip hop.” fresco. professed. “Especially in rapping because I've only been doing this for a year and 3 months and to see how many people I've reached and how quickly I'm progressing in rap is absolutely amazing. Crazy thing is, I have many many more years to come.”


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