#ARTLTUESDAYS + Introducing Kennedy Sullivan

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Kennedy Sullivan is a creative who has been kept under the radar for so long, and it is so important to shed a light on our female artists, for they can be easily discovered but swept underneath our noses just as quickly. She is a writer and an aspiring model coming out of the heart of Atlanta and just needs her words to be read, and her beauty to be admired.

“I officially discovered my passion in 2015.” she began. “Everything that I go through and feel on a daily basis motivates me to continue because I learn more about myself every day.”

It is so important to go on a journey of self-discovery when it comes to being an artist. Many are born knowing their passions, their wants, their desires, but others aren’t blessed with such knowledge. With others, they may have to dig a little deeper within themselves to discover who they are.

“Everything I go through and feel on a daily basis motivates me to continue,” Kennedy continues, “because I learn more about myself every day.”

We all have someone, something, or a group of people for who we strive to do our absolute best. We all as artists want our people to see the greatest side of us. Sometimes, our greatest motivator is ourselves.

“I do this for myself and whoever can relate to and understand my work,” she says. “I honestly write to put myself in a comfortable space. I’m in my rawest form when I write.”

Creators, be sure to take the time to look deep within you and find that very thing that allows you to be beautifully vulnerable. A journey of self-discovery is so crucial to becoming the strongest artist you can be. Remember, precious diamonds are only able to form under pressure. Take it from the beautiful Kennedy Sullivan.


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