#ARTLTUESDAYS + Introducing Prince Scooter

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Prince Scooter is not just an Alternative Trap artist with psychedelic production and futuristic vibrations, he’s an experience.” These are the words that I wrote about an amazing artist that I wish I would have discovered a long time ago, but I am so happy that I know who he is now.

Prince Scooter is this week’s #ARTLTUESDAYS Artist of the Week, and I am so eager to introduce him in the light of greatness. I discovered Prince through a close friend and ARTLMUSIC supported artist, Lord Bones. Through listening to Prince’s music, he possesses the sounds of Rap, R&B, and Trap and completely combines them to produce music that is truly out of the world.

Real name Christian Warren, Scooter is an artist and songwriter prospering out of East Atlanta, GA. His words spread love and positivity in an electrifying production of rhythm. I wanted to know what inspires him to create his music in such a significant way. He mentioned that he receives inspiration from big-name creatives like Kanye West, but there are also other artists as well.

“My favorite artists are Wiz Khalifa, Drake, and Kanye,” he explains. “That’s who inspired me to be me, be passionate, and be as creative as possible.” Prince also revealed why he creates his music. “I listen to Future and a little Young Thug, but definitely Travis Scott! For real, I got really tired of them not making relatable music, but I still love their sound, so that’s a part of me too, I guess.” Scooter also mentions a close friend from who he receives great inspiration. “Oh, and don’t forget about Lord Bones, that nigga inspires me as well.”

Through his previous works, Y.O.B. (Year of the Bankroll) [2016] and his mixtape Level Up released earlier this year, you can hear the evolution and the growth that progressed through the sound in his music. I am completely inspired by Prince Scooter and I cannot wait to see what he has in store for the future. He recently released an amazing summer bop with Lord Bones titled, “Rosë Gold”, and it is truly a must-hear.

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