#ARTLTUESDAYS + Introducing Yoshi Vintage

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

I have been following this artist for a while now, and every day she never ceases to amaze me. Yoshi Vintage, real name Angel Miller, is a 19-year-old artist from the heart of Flint, Michigan and now resides in Los Angeles, CA. She is a fiery and hardcore artist blooming with positivity, love, beauty, and rage to break barriers and burn bridges. I have had the opportunity to talk with her to get to know the artist on a more personal level. I was so inspired to know more about her.

“I grew up in a neighborhood in Flint named ‘Beecher’”, Yoshi explains, “We were always in and out of motels. Life growing up in Flint was rough, but moms made sure I got everything I wanted and needed.” She then explains that she has lost many loved ones in her life, so many that she’s become “numb to deaths”. Yoshi then continues, “I didn't graduate because I was too focused on music. That same year, at 18, was when I made this decision to move to LA.”

In LA, she’s made a lot of connections, a few who became close to her like family, but she was also finding and perfecting her purpose. “I knew I had to make my parents proud of me, yet somehow, at the same time, I knew my purpose in life. Our purpose is always people. God just say it in a cooler way by giving us these gifts and talents.” She channels this powerful gift into something greater than her, and it has the power to connect and change people, and other people can see that as well. “I knew that I had a powerful gift, even when I wasn't rapping,” Yoshi explains. “People are always attracted to my genuine energy. I knew if I could take these stories and put them in music, maybe I could heal my city. I knew they wanted to listen to someone tell the truth, but I also knew it had to be somebody like me talking.”

Yoshi Vintage is a true example of love, passion, and greatness. She loves what she does and lifts her city’s name when others try to silence it. She’s a true warrior, an icon, a symbol of what it means to take your artistry and utilize it for something bigger than yourself. She inspires me and others all over daily. If you’re interested in checking her out, tap on the links below to follow and support this artist.


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