bckgrnd. check: Introducing Kennedy Sullivan + The Undefined Artist

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

I am blessed to meet and be surrounded by such beautiful multi-faceted women. It is motivational to see young women becoming powerhouses to youth culture, setting trends, breaking the rules, and creating opportunities for others to grow.

I love to admire those who are a staple to the culture, but I have a more profound love for the creatives who allow things to flow and don't let anything define them. Since this type of artist tends to struggle with social differences, they move when necessary & bloom where they are accepted. This creative has the power to create her movement because of how much experience she's garnered through different fields of work. Kennedy Sullivan is a model, photographer, and digital editor who understands and wants to share her knowledge & growth with the world. Allow us to elevate her voice.

"Since 2016, I've been experimenting with different things that I find interesting," Kennedy begins, "but unlike many of my peers, nothing ever really stuck or became my brand. [I never had] anything I was just solely known for. I had a 'K' after my follower count and was considered somewhat well known in my area in 2014, but I just liked taking cool pictures and making funny videos and memes of myself. As time went by, almost everyone I knew from social media had already become known for their specific passions and made a decent name for themselves. I was everywhere."

Kennedy struggled with societal differences at a young age, one from being Islamic. She was also the "weird" kid who was pretty & humorous enough to hang with the "popular" kids. She went to Pine Ridge Elementary, Redan Middle & High, and then transferred to Grayson High School in Gwinnett at the closing of her 10th-grade year.

"I loved being on Tumblr. Ever since it came out, [I] loved the black underground scene with groups like Goth Money Records, Raider Klan, Kilo Kish, TDE, Rejjie Snow, Og Maco, Asap Ferg, and a lot of very old Willow Smith music. Then there were the people who made mixes on Soundcloud like Demiigawd, Bleachfumes, YvngPharrell, aka Louie Warhol$, KvshNxxse, and Johnny Cavier— also, Travis Scott and Chance the Rapper's first few projects on Spinrilla and Soundcloud."

Many people can have a face behind a brand name, but Kennedy is not defined. There is beauty in fluidity, but I understand how beneficial it can be to have a foundation. It's all about searching for what makes you happy and what allows you to flow. Sometimes, that can be everything.

"My love for all art fields has made me feel odd about myself. I was taught that you're supposed to find one thing that you love and pursued that with school and whatever extracurricular activities I had access to, but those teachings always conflicted with me because I'm passionate about so many different things. [I want] success in all my creative ventures. I want to be known for many different projects and events, but I guess I've got to start somewhere first."

Let's discuss fluidity a bit deeper. As you allow yourself to mingle within this industry, you will meet different people with different energies, personalities, and purposes. If you present yourself as you are, you will allow yourself to make valuable connections.

"My biggest inspirations are Renell Medrano, Tyler the Creator, Adult Swim cartoons, Noname, Viola Davis, Willow Smith, Rico Nasty, Dexter Navy, Rihanna, and Afro-Punk because of everything it stands for. All of those people have made me feel something with the work they've produced— every video, song, picture, show, and setlist. People specifically like Rihanna and Tyler because they started with one thing that worked for them and used [the] platforms they've created to branch off into other successful things."