bckgrnd. music — Zaia Expresses His Wonders of Life in "Very Alone."

Updated: May 16, 2020

Zaia cannot be sonically categorized. He is an enigma of artistic and emotional expression that is easy to feel yet tricky to describe. Zaia can let his words resonate while allowing the mind to transcend through time and imagination.

The nine-track EP “Very Alone” contains influences of funk-pop and rap from the 70s through the early 90s. Within it, you feel comforted by Zaia’s form of delivery as we enter the mind of an introvert who wants to feel love and appreciation. Yet, he has a difficult time connecting with others around him. “JUMO” explains how Zaia tunes out the noise around him in efforts to gain clarity, including a tasteful feature from the Chicago-rapper, Valee. He also expresses that he feels lost and confused in this challenging game of life in the song, “MY OWN WAY.”

He enters a darker sound within “ON GOD,” where there are expressions of a heart that no longer feels a connection with those who want to use him for what he’s been able to provide. Throughout that half of the album, there is a shift of tone and aggression, ending with “WONDER,” where he questions the existence of things that he knows to be accurate and things that he used to recognize.

All in all, Zaia’s life is a constant wonder of emotion and thought, and he’s trying his best to cope with the madness as he slowly builds himself to be a greater man, even with the newfound chaos developed along with his stardom.

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