bckgrnd. noise — Watch "Sade Smooth" by SE7EN (ft. Josias)

“Sade Smooth” presents the natural vibrance, strength, and beauty of the black woman. The funky, smooth, and soulful production created by SE7EN creates an erotic & provocative atmosphere. It exudes confidence, rawness, and power.

This song instantly puts you in the space to move. The pacing and subtle tunes feel like honey accompanied by Josias’ rhythmic & poetic flow— heavily influenced by the 70s rhyme-style. His ability to transcend time and embody a persona before his time speaks on how incredible and imaginative of an artist he is.

Nylah Wylah brings the soundtrack to life, delivering sultry & hypnotic dance moves for the visual.

Shot & directed by J. Crump.

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