bckgrnd. playlist — New Music To Add To Your Library!

Pote Baby is the new face of the official bckgrnd. playlist! These are some fire ass songs & projects that you need to put into your playlists immediately.

“YAMS” by Pote Baby

Pote Baby delivers an early summer hit with an ode to beautiful women all around the world in “YAMS,” along with a Hype Williams-inspired visual tipping a hat to the cinematography of the 1998 crime-drama blockbuster, “Belly.”

The Savannah prodigy’s career is gradually gaining traction and approaching his position in superstardom. His lead single “In The Kitchen,” released back in January, has now garnered over 1M streams across streaming platforms with countless placements in prominent playlists such as “Fresh Finds,” “Off The Strength,” and “Most Necessary.”

He re-released “YAMS” as another lead single, previously placed on his self-titled album “BRAN,” which disappeared from all platforms. “YAMS” has garnered over 283K streams across platforms since its release in early March.

He’s since gained recognition through popular media platforms, like being recognized as “Best New Artist” on Pigeons & Planes and being the face of Tidal’s “Rising” playlist for March.

“Heat Lightning” by Wiley from Atlanta

Wiley from Atlanta releases “Heat Lightning,” a passionate ballad produced by Sensei Bueno, displaying immense emotions of love, lust, and pleasure within pain. It is the lead single for his upcoming album, explaining how it feels to find your heaven and your hell in a significant other.