bckgrnd. playlist — New Music To Add To Your Library!

Pote Baby is the new face of the official bckgrnd. playlist! These are some fire ass songs & projects that you need to put into your playlists immediately.

“YAMS” by Pote Baby

Pote Baby delivers an early summer hit with an ode to beautiful women all around the world in “YAMS,” along with a Hype Williams-inspired visual tipping a hat to the cinematography of the 1998 crime-drama blockbuster, “Belly.”

The Savannah prodigy’s career is gradually gaining traction and approaching his position in superstardom. His lead single “In The Kitchen,” released back in January, has now garnered over 1M streams across streaming platforms with countless placements in prominent playlists such as “Fresh Finds,” “Off The Strength,” and “Most Necessary.”

He re-released “YAMS” as another lead single, previously placed on his self-titled album “BRAN,” which disappeared from all platforms. “YAMS” has garnered over 283K streams across platforms since its release in early March.

He’s since gained recognition through popular media platforms, like being recognized as “Best New Artist” on Pigeons & Planes and being the face of Tidal’s “Rising” playlist for March.

“Heat Lightning” by Wiley from Atlanta

Wiley from Atlanta releases “Heat Lightning,” a passionate ballad produced by Sensei Bueno, displaying immense emotions of love, lust, and pleasure within pain. It is the lead single for his upcoming album, explaining how it feels to find your heaven and your hell in a significant other.

Wiley’s distinctive voice & genre-bending delivery allows him to create an atmosphere of pure expression and vulnerability. He can reflect an image or emotion within minimal words accompanied by beautiful sound production.

It’s been two years since the release of his debut album “Blue Don’t Make Me Cry,” which placed a staple in his ability to convey various themes & emotions into a cohesive body of work. In an interview with Mally from Swidlife, he believes that his forthcoming album is “taking his music in a cool direction,” with plans to release more visual content with his friends soon.

“Hit My Line” by Jaye Newton ft. Nai Br.XX

Jaye Newton & Nai Br.XX officially collaborate in a full-circle moment to release the visual “Hit My Line,” a simple sentiment of connection and vulnerability. With simplistic and contemporary visuals shot by Bossman Right of 8oAPE, it features the two artists in comfortable loungewear twirling the cords of their telephones as they talk to one another about their wants & desires.

Nai Br.XX is a beautiful and talented R&B artist whose angelic voice compliments the song, uplifting its deep tones with soft and lightweight harmonies.

Jaye released his last album, “Just Pray For Me,” a reflective album involving the subject matters of love, faith, loss, and growth, back in September of 2019. It features compelling artists like Wiley from Atlanta, Shamba, Andrew Shoals, The Letter M, and more.

Jaye’s creative visuals and artistic delivery allow him to stand out amongst other genre-bending artists because he packages and presents his content with quality and class. Amongst all else, he has music that will be able to stand the test of time.

In an Instagram caption, Jaye Newton thanks Nai Br.XX for contributing to the track and hints at a possible collab album between the two.

“Fax Fasho” & “3 Mo!” by Jelani Imani & mila bucks

Jelani Imani has shown consistency and elevation within his creative expression. He began to release a series of EPs, compiling a shortlist of music packed with fun, flare, and pure creative expression.

3 Mo!” is a collaborative project between two love birds singing melodies, creating harmonies, tapping on beat pads, and laying up. It’s youthful, simplistic and highlights the couple’s compatibility with one another artistically & romantically.

“A Girl/Boy Could Dream” is a fan favorite. I agree with that.

Fax Fasho” is a fast-paced collection of tracks displaying his versatility featuring mila bucks & Noah Scott. It elevates the summer mood of getting to the money and leaving all of the bullshit in the past.

If you’re from Atlanta, I highly recommend starting a petition to make “Allstar Weekend” your anthem.

“Just Me” by Ruth Raia

Ruth Raia releases a powerful song of manifestation declaring what she needs to achieve her dreams in “Just Me,” where she states that she is the biggest supporter in her journey.

Raia has an incredible way of creating the reality that she wants through her music, but she took a melancholic approach, reaching out for a helping hand.

A harsh reality to face as a rising artist is that you may be your biggest fan, and it may be that way for a while. Sometimes, that’s what makes the feeling of success so much more worth it.

She removed her previous music from streaming platforms and released a song titled “Tunnel Vision” back in December 2020. This song intends “to motivate listeners to accomplish their goals. It reminds us to never lean on comparison‒ all that matters is you.” Listen to it here.

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