bckgrnd. reviews— "CAMP EAST" by East Chain

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“CAMP EAST” by East Chain made me fall in love with music again.

It’s been a while since I’ve heard of a creative project from rising artists that completely exceeded my expectations, specifically from a rap collective. The album’s rollout, high-quality production and presentation, calculated marketing, and the collective’s artistic chemistry all led to the album’s very successful release.

East Chain Recordings was founded in April 2013 by rap artists Michael Aristotle and Wili Hendrixs. The two’s main goal was to “bring together a collective of motivated creatives that hoped to provide a voice to the voiceless.” They organically grew their team & built an army of strong & insanely innovative artists and producers, engineers, and designers that have propelled the East Chain name to astronomical heights.

I hate that it is rare to find artists who genuinely share the same space and work to create something phenomenal. This collective focuses on the minute details of every aspect of creativity, building genuine relationships, and reaching a reciprocal audience.

To create a spark before the official opening of CAMP EAST, they released “CAMPFIRE” on June 1, 2021, featuring Michael Aristotle, Da Kidd Half, Andy Z6, and HQ Jonez. Each artist takes turns telling their stories, setting their minds and hearts ablaze. “Subtracting niggas— the only way we settle differences” is still one of the best lines I’ve heard, amongst a plethora of others.