bckgrnd. reviews— Listen To "Leave A Message" by SiMaya & Keep Him On The Dial Tone

“Leave A Message” has a high-quality production value and leaves no room for filler or fluff. Constructurally, the album stays on theme and doesn’t contain any tracks that may disrupt the initial flow.

I’m most impressed with SiMaya’s development within her pen and voice. Her delivery is more confident and direct, reflecting well through her writing and performance. She also knows how to use her voice as a tool to depict different moods and feelings. Overall, “Leave A Message” was a well-constructed album, entirely produced by DopeNorTeria.

For those who may not be familiar, SiMaya, formerly known as Kayla SiMaya, is a rising songstress based in Atlanta, GA, originally from North Carolina. She’s gone through a moment of growth and delivers content under a new name and mindset.

You have to listen to a SiMaya concept album to get a greater understanding of her creative process. SiMaya knows how to reflect a specific feeling through her music. Hearing a single will allow you to get acquainted with her as an artist, but listening to a full body of work is where you understand her creativity.

“Leave A Message” holds surrender, yearning, and separation themes. It tells a tale of SiMaya wanting a call back until circumstances follow where she no longer wants to be reached. It’s a battle between wanting someone close & no longer wanting to be bothered. Who can you call to share your love? Who are you able to call when you need support? When is someone ever going to call to check on me? In the end, all in all, the message eas received clearly. Unfortunately, some don’t bother to leave a message at all.

The tracklisting includes nine approximately 3-minute tracks with one credited feature, rounding it off to a manageable 20-minute playthrough. It opens with “Like This,” an interpolation of Kelly Rowland’s 2007 breakout hit of the same name. The album also includes her hit single “YAK,” a song about being fed up with the facades, a beautiful duet with WLD CRD titled “Separation,” and an ode to Atlanta with “N.E.W.S.”

The women of R&B have been very successful in maintaining the mainstream shift of sound. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting talented young women of the genre, including SiMaya. “Leave A Message” sets the tone of emotional vulnerability. It’s confident, focused, and expresses itself without exaggeration.

I recommend this album to new listeners in search of a young artist to relate with or if you are in search of new R&B talents with a beautiful pen & presence. It’s a well-constructed album that isn’t a weighted listen but doesn’t leave you feeling empty or confused. The production holds your attention without drowning out or overpowering the songstress. SiMaya is such a talented woman; this album is a perfect first step into her stardom.

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