bckgrnd. reviews — "LOVE HARD" by Simone Telease

Oakland-born singer-songwriter Simone Telease shows that it takes a certain type of bravery and confidence to be vulnerable with her new album, “Love Hard.” Simone treated this album like her diary, showing us the triumphs and pitfalls of love with reflective writing and soulful singing. With only one feature from Savannah, GA rap artist RapGameWill, she delivers a seven-song medley of pure rhythm & blues. She paints a picture of love and trust, detailing the highs and lows of what she went through in real-life situations.

“This project is for all the women like me who feel lost and haven’t found their prince charming yet,” she says about her newly released album. Getting into a few stand-out tracks, “Love Hard” begins with “With Me,” a song about wanting somebody to stay even though their actions tell you otherwise. Songs like “Poison” and “Do You” really capture the essence of the project— heart-wrenching songwriting with touches of a traditional and contemporary R&B sound.

Vulnerability is the inspiration behind the album, giving her the space and confidence to share what’s really on her heart to her fans.“This project is probably the most vulnerable project I have ever made. I laid it all out on the table. I’ve always struggled with being open and honest with my feelings. I have a very hard time with being vulnerable. I held back a bit on “For the Love” (her previous album) but for this new project, I really let my guard down.”

The short interlude “Get It Together Bitch” sets the scene of a friend consoling Simone through a tough breakup, reminding her who she is.

“If it weren’t for my friends snapping me back to reality,” she explains, “I would have still been somewhere crying and stuffing my face. Shoutout to sisterhood, man!”

“Love Hard” releases on the second anniversary of her debut album “For The Love.” Seeing Simone take a step to fully envelop herself within her work & allowing herself to express her emotions openly shows so much growth within her as an artist.

Listen to Simone Telease’s new album “Love Hard” right now on Apple Music + Spotify.