bckgrnd. reviews — Who The Hell Is "DAVE," and Why Should You Care?

Updated: May 11, 2020

I never take the opportunity to sit down and watch shows anymore. They all come out at the same time, and through many biased opinions shared by mutuals on Twitter, I usually lose all interest in a show of interest. I develop FOMO or receive a lot of pressure from close friends to watch a show as soon as it releases to the public. Between sit-coms, thrillers, romance, comedy, and anime, I cannot keep up anymore.

You would think that as a journalist, I would be excited to have a conglomeration of new shows to watch, but I am overwhelmed, especially when you receive a bunch of, “Did you watch it? How was it? I want your opinion!” text messages.

Yet, there was a show that I came across on Twitter that I wanted to check out, and thanks to the biased reviews and stereotypes around the protagonist, I could watch it in peace. I bookmarked a Tweet about the show’s upcoming episode so that I wouldn’t forget.

Unfortunately, I forgot, until someone close to me came by to hang out one Friday night, clicked on Hulu, and clicked on the first episode of the hilariously witty, extremely uncomfortable, completely vulnerable, and surprisingly relatable show, “DAVE.”


David Burd, notoriously known as Lil Dicky, isn’t necessarily the most beloved rap artist because of his questionable content. Still, he is loved by those who are willing to try to understand him. That’s part of the premise of the Kevin Hart-produced series. Lil Dicky identifies to his peers and listeners as a comedic rapper, but he wants to prove to the world that he is much more than gimmicks, memes, and dick jokes. Throughout the series, you get to witness an extremely awkward guy with poor social skills mature through his friendships, relationships, and artistry.

This show overflows with celebrity guest appearances. I have never seen a show with such a bomb of just outlandish celebrity pop-ups. It was almost like Lil Dicky was screaming the fact that he has famous friends. I don’t want to give anything away and name the celebrities to those who haven’t watched the show, but be prepared to say, “What the fuck?” a lot during the show. I will say that one of my favorite moments is when Dave’s friend Elz (played by Travis “Taco” Bennett— hell yeah. I’ll get into him a little later) gets assigned to babysit a prominent artist's nephew (Episode 7, “What Wood You Wear?”) He is too freaking cute.


Dave has a mission to prove to himself and the world that he is one of the best rappers of all time. To have this statement hold, he must convince his friends, family, and girlfriend to believe this as well. They are super skeptical at first (within good reason), but anything for a friend, right?

We know Lil Dicky, err, Dave. He’s the central star.

Ally (Taylor Misiak) & Dave. Episode 3, "Hypospadias"

Directly linked under Dave is Ally, his girlfriend & kindergarten teacher, who accepts all of Dave’s flaws and supports his goals. Yet, it’s Lil Dicky who she has an issue with, and that brings a bit of turmoil within their relationship.

GaTa & Mike (Andrew Santino). Episode 3, "Hypospadias"

Mike is Dave’s roommate, arguably the one with the most common sense in the entire friend group. He works a mind-numbing finance job, which he eventually uses his skills & quits to become Dave’s manager after he sees Dave’s lack of discipline and work ethic. He’s a bit of an asshole, but again, within reason.