Listen to "Shameik" by Shyheim

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

“Shameik” has a very smooth and atmospheric approach. Shyheim has a very natural capability of storytelling— his paced and melodic flow paints a picture allowing the listener to be placed in his shoes. The track that he chose has a smooth jazz influence, allowing his words to be captivated and digested easily. “Shameik” is the perfect track if you want to roll up & ease your mind.

Shyheim is an aspiring artist from Tulsa, OK. He’s been publishing his music publicly for about three years but has been writing & creating music ever since he was young. His top three most listened tracks are “Bariyon,” “Mordecai,” and “Chestnut.” “Shameik” is unique among these tracks because of the growth & development of his flow and lyricism. This track signifies that he is solidifying his sound and projection.

The theme of this track is melancholic. It reflects through the lyrics, “Black people dying tryna’ stand in solidarity / People act like we can’t do that and still be full of glee.” It is also displayed at the beginning of the hook, “My homie died, so I smoke while I play the game / So I smoke while I play the game.” There are truths and reflections provided in his lyrics. He speaks from experience and from what he has seen projected from societal issues.

What makes this track so special is that you usually only hear this sound provided by those of an older generation of hip hop artists. Shyheim beautifully displayed this sound without trying too hard to sound wise while keeping his youth intact. Amid generational chaos, we usually cope with simple things, such as gaming or smoking. At times, this seems like the only thing someone can do.

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