Get Ready To Start A "Revolution" With Moon's Debut Album

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

I was significantly impressed by the quality production of this self-produced & written album. The amount of sounds and emotions within “Revolution” is difficult to be reflected harmoniously by an average artist, yet Moon did it beautifully. “Revolution” is eery, ominous, and raw. Moon’s voice expresses passion and grit with every word spoken.

Moon is an Atlanta artist who has been publishing music for a little over two years. After an extended hiatus, he released a seven-track EP titled “Absent.” a lighthearted & love-influenced set of tracks to compensate a long wait for new music.

“Revolution” is the Yin to the Yang of “Absent.” The EP is warm, loving, and inviting, while the album took a dark, twisted, and elusive turn. I will say that in “Revolution,” Moon challenged himself & explored other genres of music, such as rock & dance.

I think the title of this album explains the theme perfectly. Revolution is to break free from societal or traditional norms and lead your way. It is to create a new version of yourself and go for what matters to you the most, despite the fear of failure & adversities. Moon expressed this notion effortlessly.

“War” is the defining track of this album with the lyrics, “Be proud of yourself, be one with yourself. / No doubt in my mind, there’s progress with time. / Be calm and destroy, control your life, it’s yours. / Pull out your shield and sword, and let’s take them to war!” That raging build-up is transmitted throughout this entire album making its presence feel active & alive. Other songs that I have favored were: “Last Couple Days,” “Tmwysao,” “Endzone” feat. Ahjee Parker, and “It Goes, It Gets Better.”

Moon managed to create a body of work with a level of quality many artists would not have been able to achieve until they have a bit of seniority in their artistry.

"Revolution" created something far more significant than him. Fourteen tracks and 44 minutes of playtime with diversity & substance is a little rare to find with young artists. Tracks like "Backdropp" and "Dance All Night" took me a little minute to get used to because the sounds of these two tracks were so diverse from the other records of the album, introducing something new. Additionally, "Revolution" is different from the music that I listen to frequently, so it was a unique experience.

"Revolution" was crafted with pure intentions to destroy all odds and rise to the top. It introduces a plethora of new sounds and shows the creativity and development of the artist. It's incredible to see the artist pour themselves into their work unapologetically.

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