Come Get Your Hip-Hop Fix with the "Rap Dealer," An Album by HAV

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Growth & persistence is evident in HAV’s newest album, “Rap Dealer.” His confidence & transparency within his flow & subject matter is apparent. He managed to create a world that allows him to be his best self. With a heavy jazz influence & an old-school hip hop cadence, a significant amount of passion and emotion bleeds through the tracks of the album. I love to hear the contrast between the hunger in HAV’s lyrics and the cry of a saxophone. He stays on a theme, and the record is a clean & consistent playthrough with no “extra” or “filler” tracks. HAV is giving the streets what they need.

HAV is an aspiring hip-hop artist from Detroit, Michigan. He has been publishing music for a little over five years, releasing his debut album “thesometimestheory” in August of 2018. The massive ‘boom-bap’ and jazz influence that exhibits throughout “Rap Dealer,” making the album feel like home.

“[Boom-bap was] my first love. Those were the only beats I rapped on until I turned 16 or 17. For three years, it was just MF Doom, Dilla, and soul-sample Kanye type beats.” HAV explained. “I spent a lot of time with jazz. Kendrick taught me [that] your voice is the instrument. [When] you think about jazz, you think about how those artists communicated with no words, but you felt it. My job was to make you feel it.”

“Rap Dealer” addresses his position in the rap game and his love & passion for the genre, while “thesometimestheory” is reflective upon himself and the world around him. “Rap Dealer” is the mark of the beginning of HAV’s influence on a larger scale audience.

The theme of “Rap Dealer,” creatively put, is “supply and demand.” HAV realizes the supply of real music is low, yet the demand for it is high. HAV then creates a collection of music with quality & care to give to the people. As soon as people experience his product, the demand for it significantly increases— they crave it, and may even become addicted to it. HAV is the plug.

One thing that I have always respected about HAV is his lyricism. The tracks that I fell in love with are “PushinWait,” “Drug$ Now,” “O.D. (More Fiends),” and “Lines” ft. Amerikkken. These tracks summed up the theme of the album perfectly and allowed you to feel each emotion that showed through the record, such as rage, hunger, passion, and desire. Some tracks also capture the nostalgic feeling of old school hip-hop.

“Converted all this audio crack, inject your arm, / Your injection my insurance, Jake State Farm. / These air-lines is full of fire, pack napalms.” — “O.D. (More Fiends)”

“Work on you, and I’ma work on me. / Yeah, the work cost time, but this life ain’t free. / I know the alphabet, it never told me “I” can’t “B.” / Never doubt your own visions just ‘cause they can’t see.” — “CBA (Blow My High)”

It is quite challenging to find a solid rap album with cohesiveness & substance. HAV managed to create an eleven-track compilation with thirty-minute playtime & a meaningful display of subject & character. He made the thirty minutes feel worth it, not giving too much or delivering too little. Every tracked served a purpose. I can appreciate a body of work like this. “I spent five months prepping and planning it out,” HAV explained, “executing concepts and listening to make sure everything stayed on topic.”

Proper planning and execution are always evident in a substantial body of work. You can talk a lot on a large platform with a glamorous presentation, but if your message isn’t translated, it means nothing.

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