Destiny Briona Behind The Release of her EP, "In Too Deep"

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Destiny Briona released her highly anticipated EP, “In Too Deep”, and people have fallen in love with it! The nine-track project features ZAY DREAMER and is filled with stories of “Love” and “Energy”. It has already received over 1K plays in just hours of release.

Destiny is an aspiring R&B artist from Atlanta, GA currently creating soulful music expressing young love and fun. It’s been a little minute since we have received a solid project from Destiny, but it is here for all of us to enjoy. I wanted to get more in-depth detail behind her and her creative process for the creation of “In Too Deep”. Get to know Destiny a little better:

Tell me, how do you feel after finally releasing a complete project?

I feel relieved.” Destiny begins. “A weight has definitely been lifted off of my shoulder. The feedback has been great so far which makes me feel better because I had anxiety. I’ve been sitting on this project for a couple of months so to finally have it out is just the next step on my journey.”

What was your creative process behind “In Too Deep”? What were some struggles, what did you love about it, were there any song changes, etc?

“Originally, there was only supposed to be 4 songs on “In Too Deep”, but since I held out for so long, I didn’t want to just give y’all a tease. I struggled most with getting “Right Now” done. There are like four versions to the song with female rappers, me rapping, and it was just a lot going on with that song but it’s one of my favorites. I loved working with my engineer/producer. I finally found someone who caters to my sound and we just have great chemistry with the music.”

The man behind the creation of this amazing project is WAV. With his amazing patience, talents, and incredible ability to create sound combined with Destiny’s angelic voice and vibe, there’s nothing but incredible chemistry being made between music and sound. Destiny also had some help from very faithful people alongside her for the creation of the amazing songs that were placed in this EP, Rahim Roberts, and Daniel Breland. Peep ZAY DREAMER featured on the opening track, “Waiting”.

To get to know you a little better, who or what is your inspiration behind your music. Even if it’s yourself, explain why.

“These past few months, I was just in a bad place with my relationship.” Destiny proceeds to explain. “There were a lot of things I was unhappy about that I felt I couldn’t express because it was going to result in a breakup. Granted, the break up happened anyway, but at the time I put all of my emotions into lyrics. The EP starts off as me telling my significant other that I don’t want to argue. I just want to love you and make this work. Then it escalates as I start to get played as if I’m average so I have to remind them who I am. In the midst of everything, of course, real life is still happening and my friends and I are also falling apart which is where ‘Energy’ comes in. Toward the end of the EP, I try to make things work still because I love them, but I also haven’t healed from them hurting me and we end up falling apart. “Closure” represents me finding peace with the fact that it didn’t work out and even after everything my love was still there. It just wasn’t perfect timing and maybe one day we’d get back together.”

After hearing Destiny explain the story behind the EP, it made me gain a closer connection to her and the project. I have been going through something similar, and I felt relieved to know that I wasn’t alone in this situation, but it also pained me to know that someone of her grace and nobility was going through so much. As she stated, everything that was going on in my life, hers too, was just a result of bad timing. Hopefully, healing is on its way.

For the sake of positive thinking, what can we expect from Destiny Briona in the future? Any surprises, any new features, any more visuals?

“Definitely expect visuals from me as well as consistent music from here on out. Maybe there’s already another project in the works if people like this, and these are old tracks, then I don’t know what’s going to happen when I release my new songs. I’m confident my new material goes crazy!”


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