Ervin Mitchell Expresses The Power of Manifestation in "Abracadabra"

This song's meaning and concept allow it to travel across all platforms. The power of manifestation is such a reflective concept, and this song's message will enable it to move across all platforms. "Abracadabra" translates to, "I will create as I speak," allowing magnification to the strength of this song. Ervin Mitchell is the sonically diverse artist from Memphis, Tennessee, who built his music platform in Atlanta, GA. He's created abstract records with EDM producer Scraton, making him stand out amongst the Atlanta scene. He released his debut EP King Sh*t back in 2016. Since then, he has garnered over 4M monetized streams across all platforms. He utilizes a stylistic delivery within duality and juxtaposition, using retrospective delivery similar to Kid Cudi with the witty and boastful lyricism identical to Lil Wayne. Mitchell is a well-rounded artist known to step outside of the box in his artistry to create something unique.

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