Flipfone Fab Delivers "When Gramz Was A Dub 2" To The Streets of Savannah

Savannah, GA rapper Flipfone Fab released his highly anticipated project, When Gramz Was A Dub 2. The seven-song EP is short and concise but a great introduction to him if you haven't heard his previous work.

Other than the lone features from Payson5hine, WGWD2 is carried by Fab, and his confident and spooky cadence matches perfectly with the dark and up-tempo instrumentals. This is his fourth project to date, the previous one being “3 Fives”, an album released last year, and his debut project “The Repo Man,” being released in 2019. His name and music have been growing in the underground scene.

This year, he’s dropped two singles, “Red Kross” and “Steppin.” Fab also dropped a song with fellow Savannah rapper Pote Baby, which is super fire.

WGWAD2 is sure to please day-one Flipfone Fab fans and make others who aren’t familiar pay attention. His deep street lyrics and quiet, but the menacing flow are bound to catch more waves.

When Gramz Was Dubs 2 is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.