"For the Love by" Simone Telease: A Story of Loss, Love, and Finding Love Within

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

For the Love starts with a beautiful poem in the form of "Crown Me, Part 2: Ode to Self." Simone starts off the album with a declaration of self-love, which is undoubtedly the most important form of love. The intro ends with a snippet of "Tell Me Something Good" by Chaka Khan, which I think is an excellent addition to the theme of this album.

Simone then goes into "Trance," in which she harmonizes about the possibilities of what a night with her potential lover could bring. On "Sunset," Simone sings to her lover and asks him to love her slowly. On "Come Thru," she wants her lover to come over so that they can spend some quality time together. Netflix and chill, anyone?

On the title track, "For the Love," Simone reflects on what her lover's real intentions were, and how thinly she has spread herself. "All the things that I do for the love, wonder what I won't do for your love," she sings. Relatable AF. Simone comes to terms with her lover's dishonesty on "Dishonest." She contemplates whether anything her lover told her was real, or if they even loved her at all. The feeling of heartbreak often comes with these questions, which is what makes "Dishonest" so brilliant.

"Tell Me," tells the story of a boy who is continually lying. She pleads for her lover to tell her what he wants, but let's be honest, he never will. He belongs to the streets. On the "Dishonest (Remix)," Simone teams up with fellow singer Destiny Briona and rapper Tia Nomore for an iconic girl trio bop! Both of the artists' verses only add to the already bomb song.

Simone sings of her occasional unavailability on "It's Complicated." Men aren't the only ones who like their space! Sometimes, as women, we need time to step back and take care of our business. "It's Complicated," paints this picture beautifully. "Piece of Mind," featuring Kayla Simaya, brings two lovers back together. We all have that one person that no matter what happens, they have a piece of our heart permanently. Simone ends the album with a skit titled "Mama Knows Best," in which her "mom" informs her to get all information about her lover because "he could be a serial killer, honey! We don't know!" and honestly, same mom, same.

Simone Teleases' For the Love is a genuinely sensual album that expertly captures a tale of love and loss. The album's production value is impressive and offers a different song that captures any feeling that you could feel about love. Simone Teleases' For the Love is now streaming on all music platforms.

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