Get Lost and "Run Away" With Ruth Mang's Debut Single

"At times, it feels as though I am losing myself when I try to become the person that everyone else wants me to be. I always wondered why I cared so much about the perception of others when most people hate how they perceive themselves. Isn't that funny?" — Tylissa Lockhart

"Run Away" is the perfect foundational track to start Ruth Mang's career. Compared to her covers of songs from prominent artists like Frank Ocean & Demi Lovato, you can hear the growth and progression of her voice. She sounds comfortable— as if this track and the lyrics surrounding it were home to her. "Run Away" is the start of her independent career.

Ruth Mang is an R&B artist from Atlanta, GA, who has been recording & publishing cover songs from famous artists for over a year. She decided to break free and allow us to explore her vulnerability by releasing a self-written song.

The theme of this song is "rebirth." Ruth Mang explains how people around her have been placing her inside of their box of perception and expectation. She aims to break free from social stigma and take control of her life. It is her life, and she chooses to live it in the way that she wants to.

The lyrics are transparent. You feel Ruth removing her shell as she speaks her truth. The words, "People tell me what to do / Throw their voices in my view/, but I don't wanna hear it / I've lost myself in pleasing those / who say they love me just for show / not anymore" resonated with me the most. This song is for everyone who wants to run free from the world to become themselves unapologetically.

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