Introducing Blve Cocaine: Battle Rap's New Fan Favorite

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Battle Rap is an elicit genre of hip-hop with its own culture of dynamic rules, presentation, and style. It is cultivated off of hunger, drive, bravery, and quick wits. It is the embodiment of Proverbs 18:12— “Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.”

To appreciate & understand the roots of Battle Rap, of course, you have to study its history and the legends who paved the way for young prophets to speak their minds. You have to study your opponent's moves and style, and you have to perfect your own to portray the proper execution. Battle Rap has nothing to do with your ego or how “great” you deem yourself to be, although its braggadocious appeal plays a huge role in the genre, it’s mostly based on your verbiage & cadence and if you can back up what you say. Timing, projection, and execution are three very important factors of the genre. Some many men & women have spoken their truths and paved the way for many young die-hards to speak from the mind & heart, and out of all of them, I happened to meet Battle Rap’s new problem child: Blve Cocaine.

Blve isn’t just the “pretty-face-bomb-body” that you may come across on Instagram. She is an upcoming rap artist, entrepreneur & self-proclaimed “battle rap’s new fan-favorite”. I was exposed to Battle Rap when I was a child, sparking my interest in wanting to write music & poetry, but Blve inspired me to truly study it deeply. Her confidence, high energy, quick intelligence & charisma is enough to captivate an entire room of admirers and listeners— the way she balances her masculinity & feminity, the way her presence tends to shake her opponents before even saying a word, the way she is able to stand her ground & remain focused while her opponent speaks their mind, it is all to be admired & studied.

Her presence has captured the attention of many prominent underground headliners & influencers such as “spilltheTEA”, “The Rise & Grind Morning Show”, “No Ransom BL”, and “Bulldog Battle League”. Through these interviews and ciphers, you can see her charismatic presence & aggressive passion as she speaks on things she truly believes and lives by. She becomes the environment that she is in, no matter the place or atmosphere. Blve Cocaine moves with energy.

Her debut single “Sh*t Show” displays her diversity as an artist, showing a more vulnerable side to the artist while still keeping her dominant presence in place. Blve can exhibit sex appeal and still be able to stand individually in her lane. You could call her “Rudy Huxtable”.

Her debut music video “Addicts Anonymous” shows you exactly who Blve Cocaine is and what she represents. They all want to ride the wave and get high off Cocaine’s aura, but they simply cannot compare. Honestly, they should have been there from the start.

Blve Cocaine is a force to be reckoned with— chef, model, esthetician, hostess, artist, battle rapper, comedian, and more. From her driver's seat freestyles to her prominent hashtag #TheseNiggasCantRap, she will allow her presence will be felt on and off the stages. Until she gets the body she wants on the stage that she wants, it’s just her versus a bunch of easy targets, and she already beat the odds.

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