bckgrnd. check: Introducing K. Luci + The Prodigy of New Jersey

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

DeSean Carter, popularly known as K. Luci, is an artist, designer, producer, and engineer from New Jersey and creative director of his label 17 True North. With a concise discography of jersey club mixes, self-produced music, and incredible features, K. Luci places careful calculation and execution into everything that he creates. Cruising between the genres of R&B and rap with heavy influences of the Jersey & California sound, Luci provides a variety of style, presence, and delivery. The artist stands in his greatness, but there is always a backstory to how an artist became who he is today.

“I've been interested in making music since 50 Cent dropped Get Rich or Die Tryin,” Luci begins to explain, “but I've been professionally making it since 2013. I love how raw and direct music is as a form of expression— it's always been there for me to speak my mind when I had no one else willing to let me vent.”

It is just as important to surround yourself with people who lift you as it is to give yourself the encouragement that you need to move forward.

“My peers inspire me more than most. New Jersey has always been overlooked as a creative hub because we're right next to New York, but just seeing what everyone around me has to offer makes me want to go even harder and watch as we all prosper. We've become our sources of motivation, and we've been motivated to grab more attention. Jersey come-up: you can't ignore us forever.”

The creative process and who you allow being involved in your work are crucial to the development of your artistry, and it is one of my favorite things to focus on. I have watched Luci be in his creative element and witnessed the connection between his friends and music, and it proves that everything he’s ever created comes from a genuine place.

“I always like to consider the "where" and "when" while creating new music.” He says. “My method of production is more cinematic, so envisioning a scene for the music I make is important in coming up with the final product.”

“Everything leading up to the present moment has led me to realize you can't be too reliant on anyone. I've been disappointed and fucked over too many times by too many people to completely trust people anymore. So even though I have my friends and loved ones that are there for me, most of the time I'm much more comfortable confiding in myself.”

K. Luci created a song titled “KIN” expressing his love for his day one family & friends who have been there for him from the start. It is an anthem of brotherhood, loyalty, and sacrifice.

Creative energy is valuable. Being in a comfortable environment and a sane headspace can push you in more ways than one. Learning to use outside influences to channel different outlets of your work also allows you to gain knowledge and new viewpoints on things you never considered before. It can vary between different people.

“It all depends. Sometimes it's serene– real calm like; other times, I smoke, drink, and get ready to fuck shit up. It's a mixed bag [for] me. I draw inspiration from everywhere. I'm talking about all types of music, movies, anime, documentaries, books, mangas, murals, etc. I find value in all art forms and know that I can transform it all into a new form of aural art to be admired.”

He lists Travis Scott, Johnny Rain, Frank Ocean, Che Ecru, Lule, Royce Da 5'9", and Kanye West at the top of his list of artists he would love to work with in the future. Similar to Kanye West’s background, K. Luci has been cast away or avoided for his differences in opinion & his blunt honesty. It has cost him relationships, a few partnerships, and almost his life.

“Niggas have hated me for my intelligence from an early age and tried to undermine me. They've resented me for my unfiltered honesty and have tried to kill me over it. Certain things that have transpired I don't even like to discuss. I've been through so much shit, I'm just surprised I'm not jaded from it all. All in all, I'm glad to still be here breathing, because I could've died a long time ago. Life is about duality. Everyone around you affects you in both a positive and negative way, and I'm no exception.”

Also, like Kanye, Luci took the time to create an introspective project reflecting on his past experiences and artistic growth. It will be here sooner than you think.

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