Let's Talk Rhythm & Flow: A Mini-Review on "Love Santana" by BKTHERULA

Young women in rap have been showing a great variety of energy, attitude, and creativity within the music industry. With every year that passes, women break preconceived notions, exceed expectations, and prevail in such a saturated male-dominated industry.

“Love Santana” is BKTHERULA's debut album, released on January 11, 2020, that fuels contrasting emotions of “heaven” and “hell.” Her angelic voice ranges from sing-song hooks & lyricism to dark and quick-hitting one-liners. This project is not a one-dimensional body of work, but a compilation of emotion & ideals that everyone can feel and understand.

“I want this album to be able to help people get through the hard days and to hype them up on the good ones,” she stated, sourced from Underground Underdogs. Back in August 2019, she released her “love song” titled “TWEAKIN’ TOGETHER,” expressing her love for a significant other while reinstating her realness and authenticity against her opposition. As of today, it has accumulated over 800K plays on SoundCloud with over 400K views on YouTube.

The one thing that is very distinctive about BKTHERULA is her flow. Her flow comes off as “off-beat,” but that is not the case at all. Over mellow and melodic beats, RULA’s flows are quick-paced and evident. She is not “missing the beat,” she hears a different beat count versus the standard four-count that everyone else understands. It’s challenging to do on an average level if you study the different types of “meter” in poetry. Interesting enough, she raps according to the melody of the beat, and not strictly the drumbeat.

Wherever & however you listen to your music, though, you can stream BKTHERULA’s album on all platforms,

including Apple Music & Spotify.