Listen to "Midnight Vibes" EP by StayGoldenSwerve

Pennsylvania-native StayGoldenSwerve released a futuristically reflective EP speaking on loss and the effects of a dark mental state. Through all of his trials and setbacks, he still remains “Golden”, prevailing and remaining at the top of the world.

StayGoldenSwerve takes you through a sonically enhanced journey of his life, placing you as the audience watching his growth and development through different scenes of love, faith, persistence, and drive. He acknowledges the fact that he is the light that will guide him through his darkness.

He also journeys through the concept of love & loyalty with tracks “The One” and “Demon Wrld”, representing the yin & yang of love collaboratively, and then the “Asia Interlude” telling you to cherish love as it is & to never let it go. StayGoldenSwerve displays growing knowledge & realization through the tracks of the EP.

“Midnight Vibes” places you in a setting of a night sky brightened by city lights. It is the overwhelmingly beautiful presentation of fame & the emotional consequences that result from it, but StayGoldenSwerve reminds himself that he will prevail & conquer all things that he is faced with.

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