"Oh Sh*t! Bro, We Just Hit!" Watch Kenny Mason's Visual for the Anthem, "HIT!"

From three kids juggin' a local corner store to riding around the neighborhood with his partners in a classic Mercedes, 24-year-old Atlanta artist Kenny Mason spits eloquently about having bands and the means of getting them in his latest song, "HIT!".

Kenny is part of the indie collaborative Bricofleur. He released this single after a year-and-a-half hiatus. With its catchy hook & energetic pacing of his flow, "HIT!" is destined to have a strong influence on listeners all over.

Coming from nothing & falling into something can change the perspective of your life and the people involved in it. You start to think more calculated and focused on your future and what you want out of it. Once you have something, though, it's hard to let without it.

This song is the song you play on paydays, shopping sprees, studio sessions, or to motivate you to get you some bands. Hell, play this song when you finesse the bag. This song is the plug's anthem. Blast it through your speakers.

Watch "HIT!" by Kenny Mason right now on YouTube.