People Get Things. You Should, Too— an Album by Zac Chase

The world is full of twists and turns and simple ideologies that eventually become complex, but for some reason, no one wants to talk about them. Zac Chase is a wanderer, though, and he wants to get to the bottom of all of this.

"People Get Things" is a predominately clean bundle of artistic expression illustrated by Zac Chase on the various mishappens of life such as anxiety, sadness, love, fear, and growth. Zac questions these things in a chance to reach an audience who understands what he's going through and possibly receive some support. From things like how to make a good "1st Impression" to wondering what his purpose is in life in the track, "Not Sure," life presents a multitude of possibilities to Zac, and he is busy trying to figure them all out.

This album provides a sense of relatability to its listeners. There is no intricate lyricism with tricks and flips, but plain & understandable words and feelings. It gives sunshine to a lot of topics that may cloud people's judgments and perceptions of life. Life is full of twists and turns, stops and starts, and the only thing we can do as humans is to learn, love, and live.

I don't profoundly listen to this style of music, but I do have a soft spot for it since I've been introduced to it by popular creators like Chance The Rapper or KYLE. The light production accompanied by the artist's free-flowing delivery allows this album to be a happy yet melancholic effect on the listener. This is the best album to listen to as we transition into the spring season to plant new beginnings.

"People Get Things" is Zac Chase's debut album, so he still has a lot of growing and developing to do. He's a terrific songwriter with a voice that's comforting & understanding. He seems to have his branding in place, so I can't wait to see how this artist grows & prospers in the future.

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